Wire up Your iPhone with No Wires!

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The world had enough of the annoying wires that tangle, get worn out pretty easily and just make tech evolution seem too far-fetched on this matter. But at least the baby steps that some companies take in the wireless space, level up our experience with electronics.

It’s reasonable to say, that some users have a love-hate relationship with their Apple products, and while there are obviously many pros of being an iPhone owner, there are some things that other companies do better. Either way, Apple was smart enough to come out with wireless-friendly devices back in 2017, and it’s safe to say that people from both sides of the fence couldn’t stay indifferent to this awesome news. The time of solo-port is over!

And what effect had it on the market of charging stations and other handy add-ons? Right, the market boomed with more wireless charging devices. And here, you’ll be able to get to know some of the best items that are currently up for grabs.

Best Wireless Chargers for Your iPhone

Rejoice iPhone lovers! It’s time to shine. For a small period, only the Android users had the opportunity to play with the wireless-friendly headsets, but the VIP party is over. Today, millions of Apple fans can get their hands on the latest iPhone models and charge them effortlessly.

For this part, it’s smart to do your research before buying a charger, because it should be 100% worth it. So here’s a quick overview of 6 most decent upright charging stands you’ll find online today.

1. Seneo iPhone Charging Stand

Seneo’s charger is one of the top-selling wireless chargers as of right now. And what makes it so popular? The first thing is a tempting lifetime warranty. Sounds impressive, right? Only for this reason, you could just go straight to the manufacturer’s website or another website that carries it and grab it without thinking. But hear this!

  • You can charge your iPhone with the case on, as long as it is thin
  • It features overcharge/overcurrent protection
  • The price point is ridiculous, only $20 for the whole thing

2. Bestand 2-in-1 wireless iPhone charger and Apple Watch stand

As you see, the stand can accommodate both an iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously which makes it a perfect option for the owner of those two. Even if you are just considering to splurge on Apple Watch, it’s still reasonable to take a closer look at this piece if someone in your family has the watch.

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Bestand 2-in-1 is plain simple, a no-frills device that you can grab for $40 in either gray or silver.

3. Anker PowerPort wireless charging stand

A sleek charging stand for your iPhone that has an LED indicator on the front to tell you whether your phone is charging or not. Get yours for only $22.

  • Charge your phone vertically or horizontally
  • Has 3-foot micro USB cable inside
  • Comes with warranty coverage of 18-month

4. Samsung Qi-certified wireless charging stand

For Samsung, wireless charging is not a new thing. They’ve been in this game for solid 3 years, since the release of Galaxy S6. So what we can say for sure, is that it’s a tried and true option for your iPhone. And yes, it’s compatible with your iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices.

  • You can charge your iPhone vertically or horizontally
  • The surface of borders is protected with the anti-slippery coating
  • It’s lightweight and portable, take it anywhere you go!

The pricing starts at $30.

5. Nexgadget 4-in-1 charging station

An all-in-one charging station is a perfect solution for owners of all Apple’s essential devices. Use it for your iPhoneX or 8, Apple Watch, and AirPods. It also comes with a detachable pad that you can take anywhere you go and charge your phone wirelessly. Nexgadget 4-in-1 offers quick and safe charging with its over-voltage protection, temperature control, and foreign item detection system.

The whole charging station goes for about $50, which if you think about it, is a good price point for something that can host all 3 of your devices and charge them in the same place at once.

6. MuiFA wireless charging stand

MuiFA charger has an attractive wooden design that can naturally blend with your room interior and become nice aesthetic electronic piece to jazz up your nightstand or table. The charger has an LED indicator to keep you updated about all the stages, whether your iPhone is charging or if it’s unconnected/connected to the system.

The charger comes in two shades, grab your red version for $17, or go for burlywood for only $19.