This First-Person Drone Fits in Your Hand

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I think we are in the best generation so far. As every day new technologies are released and the most interesting part is that they are getting smaller and, well, they make life really easy and comfortable. Drones happen to be a part of the technology that has seen many fascinating creations and modifications.

Now you can afford to sit back in your room and have a feel of the skies. You don’t have to worry about breaking the banks as they are very affordable. With about $60 you could own a drone. The fascinating thing about this particular drone called SKEYE Nano 2 is that it’s the world’s smallest drone and can basically fit in the palm of your hand.

The SKEYE Nano 2 boasts of an inbuilt camera that can transmit life images and videos right back to your phone. So, it means you can be in comfort of any part of your home and have your drone scouting the skies for you. Though the size can be a discouragement as it is pretty small yet it manages to capture and transfer quality images and videos.

Some of the other features that this wonderful drone possesses include the adjustable gyro sensitivity for real great stable and a six-axis flight control system. Guess what else!!!!! The takeoff, landing, and maneuvers are all automatic, invariably making this drone very easy to navigate and control. Beginners can give it a shot and still have all the fun that this device can offer. Videos that are taken can be saved for later viewing and there are an in-built LED lights for providing easy flights at night. The most interesting part of all this again is that you can do all controls from your phone. To the best of my knowledge, I think this drone is totally fun to have.

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Well, if you wondering how small this drone is, it measures around 4cm wide and 17g in weight. The drone can be at a range of 50 meters and you can have your altitude hold mode activated. By this, you can hold the drone on a specific height from the ground and you can focus on the ground. At this height, the drone can perform flips and tight barrel rolls. The drone, while landing or descending, can do so gradually with a master pilot power.