How to Use Portrait Lighting Mode on the iPhone X & iPhone 8 Plus

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Quite recently, Apple has presented impressive Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus, which was approved by users almost immediately. Portrait Mode creates an excellent depth-of-field effect, which lets you make the main object sharp and create a beautiful blurry background for your shot.

But the company did not stop there, the coolest Portrait Lighting is now available on iOS 11 on the iPhone X & iPhone 8 Plus! It’s a brand-new camera mode that learns the background of your picture and highlights the main object, allowing you to control the lighting. All this gives your photographs a more lively and professional look. In addition, Portrait Lightning feature has several wonderful high-quality effects.

Ready to review the stunning Portrait Lighting Mode for your iPhone? Go ahead!

Portrait Lightning Review: The Background

And before starting our review, I would like to remind you that you can use this Portrait Lightning mode for iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X only. It means if you have Portrait Mode on your iPhone 7 Plus, it isn’t compatible with Portrait Lightning, so you cannot apply it.

What is more, there is only beta version of Portrait Lightning mode available, because it’s pretty fresh and is not yet equipped with all the necessary tools.

Trying out the New Portrait Lightning Mode

There are two simple ways to begin using the Portrait Lightning on your smartphone. The first one is to open the Camera app with your 3D Touch, and then tap “Take Portrait”. The other one is to click on the Camera app, and then swipe left or right to switch to Portrait mode.

Once Portrait mode is enabled, you can point your camera at your model. In a second, your iPhone starts giving directions a second later, your iPhone will begin to give specific instructions for moving your camera closer or further away from the subject to focus properly and get high-quality picture.

Special Lightning Modes for Your Pictures

A fascinating feature of Portrait mode is a set of four beautiful Lightning modes for iPhone’s camera. When you turn the mode on, its default effect called Natural Light doesn’t actually differs from the standard Portrait mode and doesn’t use extra lighting.

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You can view and select one of the special lighting effects in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Let’s check them out:

  • Studio Light.

Choose this effect to brighten facial features in the image to make it look like a professional photograph taken under perfect lightning conditions.

  • Contour Light.

This effect creates a more dramatic directional lighting since it not only affects the contour light but also darkens the light around the main subject.

  • Stage Light.

Select Stage Light to give your image a more spectacular look. This feature focuses on the face of your subject and eliminates the background.

  • Stage Light Mono.

Similar to Stage Light, but applies a black & white effect to your image.

In addition, you can use Portrait Lightning mode after you shot your picture. This is a convenient solution for those who enjoy editing their images afterward.

However, if you want to use such lightning settings as Stage Light or Stage Light Mono, you need to turn them on before taking a photo.

(1) Natural Light, (2) Stage Light, (3) Stage Light Mono