What We Know So Far about “Marzipan”

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According to Bloomberg, Apple was clearly investing all its resources in building a cross-platform project codenamed Marzipan for developers interconnecting the iOS and Mac systems back in December. Combining these both together in a single crossover, developers can potentially create apps and release updates much faster. As of right now, the coding process is separate for Mac and iOS, and the big question is whether this introduction will allow producing apps that can adjust to both platforms simultaneously.

There are more questions than answers, as this project is still in the early development stage and the details are kept in massive secrecy. And as much as we wanted to get ahold of the new application this year, it seems like Apple shifted gears on this matter by postponing the release for unclear timing. But hopefully, we see Apple spoiling us with other intriguing updates, namely in the field of AR apps with its newest Apple iOS 11.3. So we’ll keep our patience and explore the realms of ARKit for now before Marzipan hits the market.

Why Apple’s Project Marzipan Is Being Delayed?

This is a good question that Mark Gurman, an Apple watcher, from Bloomberg has no clear answer to. What he did find out instead was that codename Marzipan is now abandoned for more self-proclaiming “declarative control application programming interface”. But it feels like Apple’s initiative to roll out the platform is unlikely to surface to light at WWDC on June, as it was expected earlier.

Many say the platform will make for more advanced AR apps entering the market. Overall, the latest Apple iOS 11.3 had a lot to bring to the table of mobile games environment. Though iOS is still a much more vibrant place for such projects, it’s just a matter of time before macOS can become the next place to harbor these technologies.

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In any case, all the massive projects are leak-protected from the broad audience, and we are only left to wonder when Apple is going to introduce the project. Some say it’s still possible to expect the release of combined apps in late 2018, possibly along with the release of new versions of iOS and macOS in fall.

Microsoft Knocked Apple from the Cross-Platform Competition

It’s not a secret that Microsoft has long been in this game, pioneering the development of a similar interface allowing developers to make apps that run across Windows, Windows phone, HoloLens, and Surface Hub, called the Universal Windows Platform. But even with such great potential, the platform appears to have limited success.

Also, it didn’t take long for Google to jump on the bandwagon, and as of right now, the company tries to introduce a similar platform and bring together Android apps and Chrome OS.