Final Cut Pro Updates for Your Mac: Already Available on the App Store

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Previewed this week, Apple already released the update for the Final Cut Pro (10.4.1 latest version) for professional video editing. The software is available in the App Store completely free for US current users and $300 for new ones and it can also be still in the process of updating for many users. So what is good about it?

New Version – New Opportunities

Final Cut Pro presents a new portrait format ProRes RAW containing both workflow and visual benefits of RAW video with ProRes work (this format was developed by a company for post-production). With its help, you can grade and edit footage from the camera sensor adjusting shadows and highlights. Optimized performance for macOS lets you play 4K files on all Mac systems in real time.

The files are small so you can use the storage better and archive in an excellent format. The 10.4.1 update has advanced captioning instruments allowing to view, edit and deliver it within the app. Apple representatives state that users may either create files from scratch or import caption files directly into the project. Captions may be attached to audio or video in the timelines automatically moving along with the parts they are connected to.

Release Notes

With closed captions, you can automatically import files into the project creating connected time-synced captions. You can see them in the Viewer and adjust timing, location, text, and color accordingly and also create captions in different formats and languages. Here are a few available functions:

  • new captions tab for searching, selecting and switching between the versions;
  • support of such formats as CEA-608 and iTT;
  • sharing of captured videos directly to Vimeo or YouTube;
  • creating of iTunes Store package with subtitles, audio and video files;
  • indicator warning about general errors such as incorrect characters, formatting etc.
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ProRes RAW file support allows you to import, grade and edit the video using info from the camera sensor. You can enjoy the smoothly-going playback and real-time editing opportunity both on desktop and laptop. Summing up, we can say that the update 10.4.1 becomes really helpful for video editing and brings new opportunities to enjoy! What else can Apple offer us in the future: technology of augmented reality implemented in Apple Watch? Who knows!