Cryptomining App Is Removed from the Mac App Store for Excessive Power Consumption

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Apple has recently removed a cryptogenerating app from the Mac App Store for restraining system performance. The app (Calendar 2, an upgraded version of Apple’s basic calendar app) had been previously supplemented with a mining capacity, which, however, proved to burden the system. Monero, the cryptocurrency it mined, is known for having one of the most CPU-friendly hashing algorithms. But, as practice has shown, mining even this cryptocurrency as the additional function may be too heavy for a usual device.

The users were offered the feature in return for the access to a few premium functions. However, complains soon appeared about the background mining function. The feature appeared to virtually drain the system’s capacities, and what made things even worse, it was not so easy to get rid of. You could not just opt it out via usual procedure (not to mention such a user-friendly mechanism for an offered software as auto-offloading).

The result was the developer’s (which is Qbix) negotiations with Apple and eventual withdrawal of the mining functionality from the program. After that, Calendar 2 was again released to the Mac App Store without the troublesome feature. The procedure occurred in the full compliance with the App Store guidelines stating that “Apps should not rapidly drain battery, generate excessive heat, or put unnecessary strain on device resources”.

So what are the outcomes of Apple’s short first experience with the cryptomining software? With Calendar 2 back on the market (without mining aspect), Qbix now offers the same premium features free for a year as a reward for the users (not only those who suffered from the app, but also new ones). Another result is nearly $2,000 worth of Monero cryptocurrency mined during three days. A Qbix representative says the developer company “… plans to use those proceeds towards improving features for our users going forward”. A concern was expressed about the “growing global energy use of Proof of Work based crypto”.

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No one can say for certain whether the first (and unpleasant) situation with mining apps will affect Apple’s attitude to the background cryptomining on its devices. At least no such plans are known for the moment. And now we can only assume that some future iPhone or other Apple device will succeed in introducing a background cryptomining feature, but not so far.