The Best iPhone X Сases You Can Buy Right Now

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The iPhone X is almost here. Start to place orders now for your iPhone X cases. The uniqueness of the iPhone X is incomparable as it case can’t be used for any other iPhones. Unlike iPhone 8 which can fit perfectly into an iPhone 7 case, this is not same for iPhone X.

Choosing a specific type of iPhone case you want to purchase depends on how you value your iPhone X and your personal taste. For instance, go for a rugged case if you want to take your phone on an adventure or you might go for a Leather case if you want it to be a bit stylish.

Below are the most interesting iPhone X cases so far:

Best rugged case — Otterbox Symmetry

Otterbox is known for ugly, big and strong cases and they almost always deliver on all three of those. They provide two layers of protection, this protects your iPhone screen from getting scratched when it falls to the ground face down and yet keeps the screen in sleek fashion. It has a grippy edge that helps to prevent it dropping in the first instance. Buy from: Amazon — $39.95

Best regular case — Apple silicone and leather cases

If all you want is simplicity then my advice for you is to get one of the Apple cases that can either be silicone or leather. Both actually do not weigh a lot and if all you want is perfection trust me you’ll make a good choice by picking any of the two mentioned earlier.

Although their prices are a bit high, yet they both serve more purposes than their price. For instance, the silicone case can easily be cleaned when it gets stained, also the Apple leather case is OK, but when it gets filthy, that’s it. It stays filthy. Buy from: Amazon — $39.00

Best battery case — Mophie Charge Force PowerStation

This is a battery and not a case but still can work with any case of your choice. The Morphie Charge Force PowerStation is a new gadget made for the respective owners of iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

It is a battery pack and not a case and can be used to charge any device, once the device’s USB port is being plugged into it. Not just that, it can also be used to charge both iPhone X and iPhone 8 just by using the “wireless” inductive charging method by hitting the button on the Morphie charger. This is because the PowerStation supports the Qi charging standard used by the new iPhones.

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More so, the PowerStation can also charge your iPhones and yet charge itself up, this is known as pass-through charging. It also has the ability to charge your iPad and your phones at the same time.

Best waterproof case — LifeproofFre

A waterproof case is not needed in most situations since all the iPhones models are water-resistant but it is safer and wiser to protect your iPhones by using a case for it because Apple hasn’t agreed to cover any water damage under warranty.

Most especially your iPhone camera needs protection, this is why you need LifeproofFre. It is a new update for iPhone X owners; it has a capacity of surviving in water for an hour at a depth of about 6 feet or more. And on a dry land at that same height when dropped to the ground, it can still survive not causing internal damage to the iPhone.

All buttons on the iPhone can be used as well as the camera. It has a protective screen and a charging hole used for charging the iPhone via Lightning cable.

Best wallet case — Mujjo Leather Wallet

The use of Mujjo Leather Wallet is another alternative to use Apple Leather case. Although, they are closely similar to one another in terms of their features except the fact that the Mujjo Leather Wallet prevents cramping of the edges of your cards against your screen every time you jam them shut.

This wallet also enables you to keep some cash inside, all you need to do is to roll the cash up and put it in. It can also be used to keep your bus tickets or metro cards for transporting yourself from one place to another.