How Apple Watch Can Make Progress in Fitness at WWDC

Published On: , by NewAdMacSoft

Although fitness was just one of many platform apps, it has quickly become a key focus for developers of Apple Watch. The company puts a lot of effort to get the activity and workout apps into shape and updates are coming every year including Wi-Fi on the Apple Watch. So what features do we expect to see at 2018 WWD conference that should be presented?

  1. Rest days display
  2. Workout routes
  3. Companion app on iPhone
  4. Automatic detection of workout
  5. Integration of Nike+

Do you agree with this list? Let’s consider the importance of each of them.

Rest Days and Workout Routes

Apple states that the activity goals are based on general fitness advice like exercising half an hour a day. However, there is one point the company missed – we should rest from time to time and it is normal. If Apple could add the concept of rest days and let you schedule them every week it would give you more motivation and you would not drop your goals.

A useful feature on your Apple Watch would also be turn-by-turn directions. Now you are constantly switching between apps but if the directions were integrated with routes into the Workout app, it would be easier to enjoy exercising. Here could be used the help of Nike that is a leader in this field. With its routes, you can make your own or search through popular ones. You can even see most popular roads and come up with ideas of the new routes.

Companion App on iPhone

Built-in Apple Watch app works great but the whole point of it is providing you with a picture of your progress and the reporting given by Apple now hardly does that. The app is mainly focusing on activity rings and workout data is put into one tab and eventually lost. If you take fitness seriously, probably for you it is not enough. The least you expect is a website storing all the data and for now, Apple cannot meet your needs.

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It would be awesome to get some iPhone workout app with basic features like charts of duration and distance, heat maps, goals and medals related to fitness, workout timelines etc. We would also expect Apple to integrate their own great techs like animated 3D maps or AR views of your workout.

Automatic Detection and Nike Integration

People often forget to start working out with their Apple Watch (using sleep/wake button) so it would be useful to get it done automatically. Apple Watch could contain auto-detect workouts and use wrist motion and heart rate to check what exactly you are doing. After you finish, you could get a notification checking if you want to log in and if you choose yes, it is added.

Now you should make a choice between Apple and Nike: you may use workout app from Apple and all your routes will be added to iPhone’s Health app or you may use the app from Nike and your routes will be added to Nike Run Club. What if you could have both of them in one place? These companies already have a joint-branded watch, so why not combine efforts and create one good app instead of two incomplete ones?

Summing up all this, we can say that Apple has a lot to work on. We are waiting for WWDC 2018 to see what it has prepared for us this time!