Apple Releases First Beta of iOS 11.3 for Public Beta Testers

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It’s finally here! Apple released its new iOS 11.3 update for iPhone and iPad. As previously promised, the new update, namely the first betas of iOS 11.3 and tvOS 11.3, will surprise many users with their features, such as the new Animojis iPhone X, Messages in iCloud, battery health improvements, and many others. In this article, we will take a look at the new Apple iOS 11.3 update and analyze its main features.

Already this spring, the official version of iOS 11.3 for iPhone will be released. But now, the company previewed some main functions like an upgraded version of ARKit, four new Animoji, Health Records in Health app, AirPlay 2 features, new battery features, etc. For a more detailed review of the update, check out the following information.

First Beta of iOS 11.3: A Detailed Review

Apple’s iOS 11.3 is an important update, which has many advantages and positive sides. In the latest version of iOS, the company tried to pay much attention to the iPhone and iPad battery life. As you might know, Apple apologized for the recent iPhone battery slowdown controversy that happened earlier. Now, fans expect to receive the most wonderful update ever. Here are the following features of Apple iOS 11.3:

  • Four new emoji characters on iPhone X: Skull, Bear, Lion, and Dragon.
  • Messages on iCloud are automatically enabled to store iMessages in iCloud.
  • ARKit 1.5, a version that now supports vertical surfaces, incorrect shapes such as round tables, autofocus support, and 50% resolution.
  • Health Records are now available in the Health app to store medical records.
  • Business Chat in beta in the Messages app with Discover, Wells Fargo, Delta, Lowe, and Hilton.
  • Outstanding music video features in Apple Music.
  • Authentication of HomeKit software without chip certification.
  • Advanced Mobile Location with which you share a more accurate location to the emergency service when you call from your iPhone in the supported country, etc.
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A nice update, isn’t it? We also look forward to significant battery enhancement, in the form of better power management and more data about the battery life.

There are some other features of iOS 11.3 update, presented below:

  • A new security protocol for iPhone that requires re-entering the device’s passcode when authorizing a Lightning-connected USB accessory.
  • The battery health data is improved.
  • iBooks are changed to Books now.
  • AirPlay 2 features are added in both iOS 11.3 and tvOS 11.3.
  • A new Privacy icon in Settings will appear in the update.
  • An appealing Apple News “For You” section, which shows the best daily videos every day.
  • A splash screen for Messages in iCloud.

Now that you’ve reviewed the most recent iOS update from Apple, you can decide for yourself whether this iOS 11.3 is useful.