Amazing ARKit Apps in Your iPhone

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The technology of augmented reality has a widely ranged implementation due to its enormous capabilities. It is used for many purposes:

  • distance measuring;
  • 3D drawing;
  • architecture and design;
  • technics;
  • maps and navigation;
  • games;
  • animals caring;
  • education;
  • portals in other dimensions;

Let’s focus on some portal apps, which can literally blow your mind. They become more and more popular, creating an illusion of getting into another world.

These AR applications aim to “read” your surroundings. The built-in camera, some sensors, and the processor are used for this action. Then you get a special door on the screen, which leads to another world.

The Swedish developer showed on the video optical illusion of one of these apps made with the help of the smartphone iPhone X with super Retina display. The record demonstrates how the smartphone lays on the table, and its display literally turns into a “bottomless abyss.” At the beginning of the video, the screen is facing up, and the image changes depending on the position of the gadget. If you look at the device from the different side, then the “bottomless hole” will be seen from the corresponding position. The author of the application notes that the video hasn’t been subjected to any processing. Some users believe that the application uses the Face ID function, which monitors the position of the user’s head. Others believe that now the smartphone “opens the portal to another dimension”.

Best AR Apps for Your Gadget

The best apps to keep around on your phone are the following:

  • Alice in Wonderland AR Quest;
  • The Arcade;
  • dARk;
  • The Walking Dead: Our World;
  • AR Moon.

Alice in Wonderland AR Quest is based on a well-known story and has many fans. It is divided into several chapters, combined by the same gist. This game is free.

Generally, the game is very quick to play – from 3 to 10 minutes. The puzzle-adventure type is really enjoyable. As it’s obvious from the title, users get through the portal into the world of Alice. During your journey, you will meet lots of familiar characters from the book.

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After the first chapter, a portal to Wonderland opens. The cool thing is the feeling that you actually get inside another dimension with a real world left behind.

Like in the second season of Stranger Things, the Arcade brings you to a new world through a gruesome mirror. But here you will meet no monsters or Demodogs waiting for you. Generally, this is a fast, nice and unofficial visit to a parallel human dimension. It is interesting and worth your time. Still, this app takes a lot of space and isn’t optimized for iPhone X.

Speaking of dARk, it is the first horror AR game. The whole story takes place at your house, with you being a test subject #3. You have to recover a lost colleague in a dangerous unknown parallel world, where you can get only through a portal. The room is totally dark and you have to interact with various subjects all the time. It takes several minutes to finish the game. The AR technologies were used very professionally in this app.

The Walking dead is a game based on the popular film. In the game, a new ARKit function called ARPointCloud is applied, thanks to which the effect of the sudden appearance of zombies is achieved. Going through the portal, players get into another world. Note another important feature: in the application, there is the possibility of a multiplayer game with the appropriate functionality, so you can compete with the aggressive army of zombies along with your friend. You can also switch to the Portrait Mode.

AR Moon application features lots of options and a collection of cosmic experience. It has really nice moments with the sound and visual effects. The game consists of several stages. The first one is called “Watch the Moon”.

More AR portal apps are waiting for you at the App Store. Download and enjoy.