iOS 11.1 Has 70 New Emoji and It’s Available Now

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For those who are not aware that a new update is available now then it’s a good day for you to be on this page. iOS devices need an update because iOS 11.1 has just been released from beta and everyone who wishes can get their hands on this new update. As expected, there are new characteristics and advancements made with this update. This also happens to be the first real update for the iOS 11.

With this update, you can have access to the numerous new available emojis.  You must have the new update to be able to send and receive this new emojis. Without the update, if you try to use these features all you get is a generic empty box. There are about seventy newly included characters ranging from food (pie), creatures, (vampires, mermaids), Dinosaurs, Giraffes, Hedgehogs (animals) just to mention but a few.


When the iOS was first released, very careful observers will notice that one feature disappeared for a while. Can anyone help me out here? Well, I am talking about the 3D Touch app-switcher multitasking gesture. This app allows you to apply pressure to the left part of your phone’s display and eventually trigger 3D touch, and now you can swipe from left to right to switch amidst two apps. We think the reason it went away for some time was to give Apple some time to make one or two modifications to it before releasing it back to the market. This feature will function slightly different in the iPhone X but from the 6s and later generations of the iPhone you can use the 3D touch features.

With iOS 11.1 there is now a new level of accessibility features, allowing for a more reachable mode. Also, you will feel the smooth scrolling.


As mentioned above, there were over seventy new releases of emoji characters. These new features are really impressive as you will later come to discover. Some of the newly included characters are Smiley’s (expressive), clothes, gender characters, animals, mythical creatures and so much more.

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Let’s see other areas where this new update can be beneficial to us.


  • Now, issues relating to performance when swiping amidst screenshots can easily be fixed.
  • Some problems which resulted in blurring photos can be easily fixed.
  • Resolves issues relating to life photo effects to playback slowly.
  • There have been cases where some pictures refuse to display in the people album most especially when restoring from iCloud backup. This issue has now been resolved.


  • Enhance support for Braille for Grade 2 input.
  • Enhance access to VoiceOver to multi-page PDFs
  • Enhance VoiceOver rotor behavior for declaring incoming warning.
  • Enhances VoiceOver rotor behavior menu when erasing an app from the App Switcher
  • Resolves issues for users where different keys refuse to show when using VoiceOver with Touch Typing.
  • Resolve issues relating to where VoiceOver rotor always returns to default action in Mail
  • Resolves an issue where VoiceOver rotor refuses to erase messages.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Includes backup help for acquiring the app switcher by tapping on edge of display with 3D Touch.
  • Resolves any problem that caused cleared Mail warning to reemerge on the Lock screen.
  • Resolves any problem in enterprise habitat that stops information from being moved amidst managed apps.
  • Resolves any problem with third-party GPS attachments that result in accurate location data.
  • Resolves any problem when settings for Heart Rate warning start surfacing in Apple Watch app.
  • Fixes the issue when app icons refuse to show any warning on Apple Watch.

To simplify, get this update go over to your Settings>General>Software Update to get the update installed. Try to do this over Wi-Fi and do not let your device to be disconnected from the power source. Another way to this is to connect your appliance to your computer and manually install this via iTunes. Always remember to backup your device to prevent any loss of data in case of any problem during updating.