Apple has always been a trendsetter. And we are people who are totally into the new tech trends as much as we are into Apple products. So, it is just a perfect match and works well with our main goal to inform readers about the most relevant and interesting stuff on the market. You can easily learn the newest trends in the modern IT and Apple gadgets market. So stay tuned for upcoming news and events!

Managing HomeKit with Apple’s Home App

Published On: , by NewAdMacSoft

When the procedure of the smart home framework establishing is over and not any sensor housing or mechanical tuning works are left, your smart house needs the proper control tools. Direct organization of the in-house complex of smart appliances is realized by means of Apple’s…

Amazing ARKit Apps in Your iPhone

Published On: , by NewAdMacSoft

The technology of augmented reality has a widely ranged implementation due to its enormous capabilities. It is used for many purposes: distance measuring; 3D drawing; architecture and design; technics; maps and navigation; games; animals caring; education; portals in other dimensions; Let’s focus on some portal…

iOS 11.3 Firmware Subtly Hints at iPad With Face ID

Published On: , by MacSoftAdmin

Last fall Ming-Chi Kuo, the KGI Securities analyst said that the next version of the iPad Pro will probably have a facial recognition feature as in the iPhone X. Judging by his words, the new iPad from Apple will definitely surprise all Apple fans and…

Apple Releases First Beta of iOS 11.3 for Public Beta Testers

Published On: , by MacSoftAdmin

It’s finally here! Apple released its new iOS 11.3 update for iPhone and iPad. As previously promised, the new update, namely the first betas of iOS 11.3 and tvOS 11.3, will surprise many users with their features, such as the new Animojis iPhone X, Messages…

Apple Reveals the Most Popular Apps, Movies and Music of 2017

Published On: , by MacSoftAdmin

Recently, we have received the annual Best of 2017 list from Apple, consisting of our favorite movies, podcasts, apps, books, TV shows and others. Apple found the top trending topics of the year through the App Music, iTunes, the App Store, iBooks and Apple Podcasts,…

Lighting Mode on the iPhone X & iPhone 8 Plus

Published On: , by MacSoftAdmin

Quite recently, Apple has presented impressive Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus, which was approved by users almost immediately. Portrait Mode creates an excellent depth-of-field effect, which lets you make the main object sharp and create a beautiful blurry background for your shot. But the…

The Best iPhone X Сases You Can Buy Right Now

Published On: , by MacSoftAdmin

The iPhone X is almost here. Start to place orders now for your iPhone X cases. The uniqueness of the iPhone X is incomparable as it case can’t be used for any other iPhones. Unlike iPhone 8 which can fit perfectly into an iPhone 7…

iOS 11.1: 70 New Emojis

Published On: , by MacSoftAdmin

For those who are not aware that a new update is available now then it’s a good day for you to be on this page. iOS devices need an update because iOS 11.1 has just been released from beta and everyone who wishes can get…

The Smallest Drone

Published On: , by MacSoftAdmin

I think we are in the best generation so far. As every day new technologies are released and the most interesting part is that they are getting smaller and, well, they make life really easy and comfortable. Drones happen to be a part of the…

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