The Roland GO: Mixer Won’t Rock Your World

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Today, we will present you an honest and highly detailed overview of Roland’s novelty, the GO: Mixer. If you haven’t heard, Roland Go is an audio mixer for smartphones capable of recording high-quality audio and video on your device. GO: Mixer is a small and handy gadget, with several inputs to connect the maximum number of devices, and it also promises incredible sound quality in songs, videos, and other content. Is it real? Let’s find out.

What to Expect from Roland GO: Mixer?

When buying Roland GO: Mixer, we expect to get a unique portable device, which is very useful when recording audio, tracks or videos on the phone. To understand the full potential of this brand-new device, we need to analyze all of its features.

Firstly, it’s a USB-powered mixer, so you can quickly and easily plug it in to capture a stunning soundtrack. Secondly, at first glance, this baby has a lot of inputs, which allow you to connect a microphone, a media player, and all musical instruments you want, and connect them together at one time. Thirdly, GO: Mixer has a special slot that allows you to broadcast music from an MP3 player or another iPhone. Impressive, isn’t it?

However, in recent weeks, we have noticed plenty of negative reviews about Roland GO: Mixer, concerning some of its so promising and advertised functions.

1. The Connections.

Roland GO: Mixer has pretty many connections, arranged around its square body. Namely, a pair of 1/4-in. jacks for a microphone and guitar, another pair of 1/4-in. jacks for other instruments (for example, keyboard), two stereo LINE IN jacks for MP3 player and a drum machine, one 1/4-in. MIC jack, a GUITAR/BASS jack with high impedance, and a ‘monitor out’ jack for a speaker or headphones.

On the small Roland Go, you will find four level controls for incoming instruments, allowing you to adjust signals of each instrument. Also, there is a volume control to set the level of the headphones, and a Center Cancel function with which you can remove the singer or percussion instruments from any song.

It looks like a spider with all that cables.
It looks like a spider with all that cables.

Also, the small GO: Mixer has a USB Micro-B type, which can be connected to the Lightning port from the iPhone (via the attached micro USB Lightning cable).

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Everything seems to be simple, but when it comes to practice, you are surprised that everything doesn’t work properly. Yes, you can connect instruments and music applications, but the mixing of several sound sources and final product leave much to be desired.

2. Weird Design.

Manufacturers of GO: Mixer promised us an operative and easy-to-use device, however, the users remain unhappy with its main function – the transmission of sound. After trying Roland Go once, I already had my first impressions. Usually, when you record the sound of your guitar, the signal becomes available to your applications, and then the processed sound gets back to the headphones or speaker. But in GO: Mixer, the processed signal does not come back out, and you just get the clear guitar signal. It’s all about the unfinished interface of audio processing, which becomes useful ONLY when you play audio on the iPhone or iPad’s apps.

3. The Sound Quality.

Speaking of the sound quality, Roland Go is generally quite good at mixing incoming instruments and producing good sound. With its stereo output, you can record sound to any application (like Music Memos app, or AUM app).

Nevertheless, GO: Mixer does not suit everyone. There are times when customers claim that the sound quality of a certain instrument is poor. But it’s worth remembering that this gadget mixes the sounds of all connected instruments, and it’s impossible to allocate a bass or guitar to edit them.

4. Odd Volume Behavior.

Volume switches is another sensitive topic for Roland GO: Mixer. When you connect a so-called audio interface, the built-in volume controls can be turned off, and your iPhone’s volume switches will not help.

But, there are times when the interface uses volume buttons, then a graphics screen appears and you can select and control the desired volume level from your smartphone.

The Summary

The Roland GO: Mixer is available at a price of $99 on Amazon. Although it’s compact, portable, easy for desktop and mobile use, and records top-quality sound, I would recommend you to think carefully and consider other smart devices before buying Roland Go.