The modern market is full of gadgets and software we all hoping to have someday. But, are they worthy of even trying to buy? Well, not always. That is why our team launched this section to tell you more about the freshest Apple products. You will get only checked information, as we test all those things we review by ourselves. There is just no other way to deliver fair and reliable information without that personal approach and professional attitude.

iPhone X Face ID

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The face ID on the iPhone X is so superb that even an identical twin can’t seem to be able to get through its security. Shortly before the official release, reviewers already had the appliance, obviously, you know the reason why, and it was time

iPhone X Meta Review

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As expected, the waves of views have started pouring in and reviewers have started gathering up information about the latest Apple next level Smartphone. The iPhone X is the next thing and from what we have gathered so far the phone is exquisite and we

iPhone X Impressions

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Before the official release of iPhone X, many bloggers and specialists around the world shared their first impressions and opinions. In terms of statistics, almost 90% of them are positive. Apple wants you to enjoy the new model from the first touch. In order to

The Roland Go iPhone Mixer Won’t Rock Your World

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Today, we will present you an honest and highly detailed overview of Roland’s novelty, the GO: Mixer. If you haven’t heard, Roland Go is an audio mixer for smartphones capable of recording high-quality audio and video on your device. GO: Mixer is a small and

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