The Oldest Apple Products Still Sold Today

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Recently Apple has confirmed that the company will release a new Mac Pro next year despite the disappointed customers who were waiting over three years for the update. So if there is no choice but wait, why not to look at the oldest products? Apple is still selling a lot of devices which have not had updates for three or more years but compared to new Mac Pro, the company keeps silence about future releases. So let’s have a look at top 6 old products which are still popular among modern users.

Beautiful Mac Mini and Mac Pro

It has been over three years since the last model of Mac mini was released. It is still powered by a processor from Intel of 4th-generation although now the devices run already on 8th-generation. Mac has two ports and remains an important piece of the product line with no future updates, as the company says. There were rumors that Mac Mini will have some part in Apple’s modular system but this fact still remains not confirmed.

As for Mac Pro, the current version was previewed in 2013 when the desktop became available for ordering and since then has not received any updates. However, this week the company finally confirmed the release of the new model next year: new Mac Pro will have a modular design and managed by new Apple’s workflow team of creative masters. We will see how it is going to be and for now still use 2013 version which runs just great.

iPad Mini and iPad Touch

The company presented iPad mini in 2015 and since then it has not been updated despite the price rise in price in 2016 and once again in 2017. Just like the latest version of iPad touch, this one is powered by Apple A8 chip and can boast of 128GB of storage. The future of iPad with Face ID is still unclear and there is a chance that the production will be ended soon with the release of 7.9-inch iPad mini that has Apple Pencil support.

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Updated once a year like the exclusive iPhone X, the iPod touch was not getting updates over two years. The portable media player is running on Apple A8 chip (already out-of-date for 10 months at that moment), has up to 128GB of storage and an eight-megapixel camera. Now it is a niche product and the only one remaining on sale after Apple stopped production of iPod shuffle and nano last year. However, it is still a chance it will be updated eventually.

AirPort Extreme and MacBook Air

AirPort base stations have not been refreshed for about 6 years. With up to 3TB of storage, they were updated in 2013 and in 2016 news reported that Apple stopped development of the product. This January the company started selling new Wi-Fi system but noticed that customers love their AirPort lineup and they are going to keep selling them. Since that time, there have been no comments on that.

The basic model of MacBook Air was refreshed in 2017 updated with a slightly faster processor and since then the device received no significant updates. The latest version is powered by Intel’s 5th-generation Core processor and again we repeat that today is used 8th-generation.