Office for Mac Shares a Codebase with Windows

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Recently, Microsoft has introduced new innovation concerning Office for Mac. This innovation considered to be an incredible update, which provides the long-awaited collaboration features and automatic cloud saving. It should be mentioned that the Mac version of the software is created from the identical codebase as the Windows version. It means that the Office is now sharing codebase across all platforms. This is the first invention of such level in 20 years.

Comparing with Windows, the Mac Office has been always dropping behind in its features. However, this change could become a groundwork for a good parity. If the codebase is the same, it doesn’t mean that all features will be completely similar. It means that supporting of all platforms, including Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS, will be simpler.

Real-time collaboration in Office for Mac has been always in demand among users. Taking into account the selling points of Google Docs and some other specifications, this feature was developing slowly regardless of the platform. Users had the opportunity to enjoy real-time collaboration as the part of the Office 2016 update. However, Excel for Windows, for instance, didn’t get this feature until the beta was released last year.

Thanks to the newly introduced feature, Mac and Windows users are able to see each other’s changes in real time. It works similarly to the Google docs, where the thumbnails provide the information which users are working with you on a certain document. Flag icons are aimed to show where they are working, while all changes appear in a real-time collaboration. Facial features help to understand and follow the process immediately without problems.

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This implementation has many benefits of its own. For example, all changes are always saved automatically and they are stored in the cloud. In addition, you are able to see the changes of your collaborators immediately, alongside with the tracking of their activity. A great attention is also paid to the limited memory.

Speaking of Word, it gets no innovative features except those applying to all applicants. Excel, in turn, gets some new functions, improved support for PivotTable charts. Moreover, it also gets a new formula calculation which seems to be faster. PowerPoint is improved in some ways as well. It provides users with the ability to work with a mouse like with a laser pointer in Slide Show. Now, you are also allowed to trim video and different audio clips directly. Outlook gets support concerning swipe gestures, alongside with the Google Contacts and Calendars support.

This update is available to Office for Mac users these days. Actually, it replaced the latest version 15.41.0, which had improved Microsoft AutoUpdate and some of the security updates.