MacBook 2018: What We Expect from It

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The 12-inch MacBook released in summer 2017 supposed to have everything that was expected of it. And everything that had been still missing in MacBooks since the product’s reintroduction in 2015. At least, the part of the expectations did come true. Thus, a more tactile keyboard (powered by Apple’s butterfly mechanism switches) and new powerful Intel’s processors (7th generation’s Core m3, i5, and i7) both were impressive boosts.

However, as we approach this year’s usual WWDC, we anticipate novelties in the upcoming MacBook 2018. Judging by rumors, one should expect a few drastic changes, while predictions vary from a modest cheaper 13-inch version to crumb-resistant inputs. Hopefully, the real new MacBook will surprise the users only in a positive way and will become a new remarkable Apple’s notebook.

On the release date of the 2018 MacBook, no exact information is available at the moment, which opens wide opportunities for speculations based on similar past events. In 2015, the first MacBook was launched in April soon after the keynote. In 2016, the new MacBook appeared in April as well, but in 2017, the release date was in June shortly after the Worldwide Developers Conference and almost simultaneously with the release of the MacBook Pro.

Similarly indefinite remain the predictions about the new model’s price. Usually, such assumptions start closer to the release date, which seems reasonable. The only assumption that can be formulated at the moment is that it’s hardly probable that the new model’s price will markedly deviate in either direction. The reason for such a statement is the fact that, in recent months, pricing has been very tight in the industry. Some moderate price rise, however, is possible if Apple introduces a costly novelty like an increased storage or boosted power. However, one should not exclude a certain price drop either, in case Apple decides, for instance, to reduce starting storage from 256GB to 128GB and/or starting memory from 8GB to 4GB. But such a scenario is even less likely than the price increase.

Future MacBook

Under the circumstances, with such an uncertainty about the new device, there is little left than to make a list of wishes for the MacBook 2018. So let us formulate what improvements, in our opinion, should be introduced in the upcoming MacBook.

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Keyboard and Screen

In the context of the possible introduction of dual-screen design, there are rumors that the second screen in such a dual MacBook will be a kind of touch keyboard. Such a stance would have a few advantages including the direct access to an emoji keyboard. Besides, there are news about a prospective crumb-resistant and spill-proof keyboard in the MacBook. Both guidelines would naturally broaden the users’ opportunities.

More Ports Needed

Probably, the greatest deficiency that should be fixed in the MacBook is the number of its ports, which is still absolutely insufficient. Presently the 12-inch MacBook is only equipped with one Thunderbolt 3 port (USB-C) and has a headphone jack. A good example may serve the MateBook X that has two USC-C or the MacBook Pro having a similar price (two Thunderbolt 3 ports). Also, there may be enough space for a macroSD card reader.

Stronger Processors

With its considerable price, the 12-inch MacBook could be somewhat faster. At the moment, it seems to be a perfect opportunity to boost the laptop’s performance. For this to be done, it is possible to choose processor from the new Intel family with onboard AMD graphics. First of all, we mean those with Vega and discrete-grade graphics. Another realistic improvement could be switching to an i3-8130U. Also, there are rumors about the possible introduction of Apple’s custom co-processors on the company’s three Macs.

Audio and Video: Possible Improvements

Weak speaker and webcam remain important shortcomings in the MacBook. Hopefully, this will change with the MacBook 2018. Seemingly, solving the issue with the webcam would not be a complex matter. Just bump the laptop’s webcam to 1080p FaceTime HD and it will be at a decent level in relation to the rest of the components. True, the problem of the poor speaker performance is not so easy to fix. But maybe down-throwing bass modules in the base could be the solution?

iOS and macOS: Please Blur the Lines

And the last but not the least topic: prospective integration of the two Apple’s operating systems, namely, iOS and macOS. Possibility to run iOS apps on macOS devices has become a pressing desire for many users. According to reports, this is what an Apple’s project (code-named as Marzipan) is actually doing. So we should only wish Marzipan developers to succeed!