iPhone X Meta Review: Setting Apple Up for the Next 10 Years

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As expected, the waves of views have started pouring in and reviewers have started gathering up information about the latest Apple next level Smartphone. The iPhone X is the next thing and from what we have gathered so far the phone is exquisite and we think it is the best Apple has produced when it comes to smartphones. There is a few skepticism and we shall look at some of the eye-catching observations right below.

iPhone X reviews roundup

iPhone X design: Hating the indentation

The new iPhone X has released a terrific shinning light and has elevated to a different status to the class of iPhones. The iPhone 6 and 6 plus designs and appearance got a lot of wonderful comments when it comes to appearance and feels but the iPhone X is truly magnificent. Loads of good reviews have been coming in for this phone but it seems like everyone is devoting key interest to the “sensor housing” indentation that collects a size out of the rare spectacle. The Verge put this in writing.

“[The ‘sensor encasing’ indentation in the display is] awful, but it will soon to dim away after a while in portrait mode. It’s definitely intrusive in the landscape, though — it makes the landscape in general largely scattered. Less important are the bezels around the sides and down of the screen, which is actually quite big. Letting go of almost everything leaves a lot of focus to what has been left behind and what is left here is typically a large black border going all around the screen, with that indentation set into the top. … It’s a massive leap up from the surfboard design we’ve been sticking with since the iPhone 6, but it certainly lacks the artwork of Apple’s finest work.”

Super Retina display proves impressive

The fascinating Retina display is getting so many applauds and loves from the tech gurus. I guess there has never truly been anything like this before. Engadget describes it as “easily among the most impressive [displays] I have ever seen on a phone”.

There is a fine tuning on the Super Retina display which makes it look natural and very mild, credit to the Apple True Tone technology. While we see an uncomfortable brightness in other phones, say Samsung as an example.

We mentioned above the “notch” which certainly has its effect on the display, most noticeable in apps that work with letterbox effects to create black bars to either edge (top, down, left, right) of the display. Well, you can say this is because they are yet to be updated in the iPhone X. Other generations of iPhones have this update so the user can simply choose between black bars with the removal of an ugly mass from the screen.

iPhone X software: Bye-bye, Home button

When the 3.5mm jack was scrapped a few years ago everyone felt it, people talked about it for months some even wished for its return, but I am in shock as no one seems to miss the Home button. I say this because it has been an integral part of the iPhone design until this point. I guess just after one week of using no Home button iPhone X has brought out the fatigue of double tapping. See what the TechCrunch wrote “Ten years of the home button, it turns out, was enough to allow us to move on” You take a good look at this statement and you can crack your ribs from laughter, very hilarious indeed …

Well, it’s not all interface elements that have received a good welcome. You can see what Engadget wrote here: “Using the new app switcher seems just a hair slower than double-tapping the home button, and trying to close an app takes a little more effort than it should. Instead of swiping up on an app window to dismiss it, you have to press and hold the window, then tap a close button on the corner. The move was necessary since the swipe up does something else, but the process now takes an extra, mildly annoying step. The stock iOS keyboard also has a lot of empty space beneath it, and while Apple uses it for buttons that switch layouts and fire up voice dictation, it’s pretty ugly.”

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Animojis make quite an impression

One thing we know for sure that is getting a lot of attention and good criticism is the animojis. They are truly cool and unlike most of the other bizarre additions Apple has made over the years, I can say the animojis definitely are stickier than anything else Apple has made to iMessage. The Verge wrote “probably the single best feature on the iPhone X,”

CNBC concurs “It works so well that it’s bizarre. As I stared down at the screen, a chicken looked back at me making the same facial expressions. You can send these to an iPhone or Android user (the latter receives a video clip), and they’re a ton of fun to use.”

Face ID works … mostly

This facial technology came in replacement for the Touch ID. The Face ID opens your phone with a single stare. This is definitely more prevalent upgrade for this new iPhone.

SO what kind of reactions have we been getting for the Face ID? Very good I must say. The great news is that Face ID is functioning very well.

The Verge notes: “The sad news is that you will definitely have to evaluate the way you think about using your phone to get it to a place where it probably will work better”.

Using the Face ID requires some cautious effort on your part as you have to hold it a close distance from your face and you need to stare into the sensor. The Touch ID basically requires no effort as you can just pull your phone from your bag or pocket and before it gets to your face it’s unlocked.

A little negative observation was that sometimes it struggles to function well under certain light conditions. Although it’s operating mechanism is good even in the dark, thanks to the IR technology.

“Recent Apple products have tended to demand people adapt to them instead of being adapted to people, and it was hard not to think about that as I stood in the sunlight, waving a thousand-dollar phone ever closer to my face,” says The Verge.

Does iPhone X worth its $1,000 price tag?

The iPhone X can be said to be the best ever Apple iPhone, checking through from the wireless charging to the highly functional cameras (including a super improve FaceTime camera) to its display. There are some reservations, however, for instance, the seldom tricky Face ID(seems everyone loves it) and the cost of buying the phone.

Carefully observing what people’s reactions are, I can say that there is going to be a massive market for this product. Apple has been living up to its name when it comes to upgrading and the iPhone X is a typical example of what a Smartphone should look like.

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