The Best Cleaning Utilities for Your Mac

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From time to time, something can hinder the performance of your Mac and even cause some serious problems. The first reason of such poor functioning can be junk files and programs that have piled up on your system. In such case, you need a high-quality cleaning utility if you want to free up your disc space in a proper way. We have described the major functions and prices of the most popular Mac Cleaners to help you decide which one would be the best for you. All these apps perform their job quite well so you should just choose which utility is the most appropriate for your specific needs.

MacFly Pro

With the best Mac cleaner, MacFly Pro the disk space management problems will be no concern of yours anymore. It deals with all your folders, temporary files, and even mail downloads maintaining your Mac in the best condition possible. The process of data removal is 100% secure so you don`t have to worry whether some important files will be deleted accidentally. MacFly Pro will also delete all apps, large and old files you don`t have any benefits from. With its use, it is quite easy to uninstall software on Mac and monitor potentially suspicious apps.

MacFly Pro is definitely worth your money if you want to free up a huge amount of your hard drive space in a safe and quick way. This cleaning utility runs on a subscription-based model that starts at $8 per month but it also depends on your chosen package.

Disk Inventory X

If you want to get a clear answer to the question ‘Where all my disk space has gone?’, then you should definitely get this disk utility for macOS X that is completely free of charge. We bet that you haven`t even imagined what sort of junk files can be stored on your system. With the use of Disk Inventory X, you can analyze every inch of your disk space without too much effort.

But what exactly are its main advantages? No matter whether you prefer a specific folder or the entire disk to be analyzed, Disk Inventory X will perform its work on the highest level. Its click-able map shows all the data on your disk and you will be able to decide easily which files should be removed for good. What is more, this map is color-coded by type. It excels at providing Mac users with basic information about every item that is depicted on the map. Disk Inventory X will also give you the opportunity to observe your entire disk by order of folder size.

CleanMyMac 3 

CleanMyMac is definitely worth your consideration because this cleaning utility belongs to the best cleaners for Mac that can help you get rid of all harmful files that can build up over time. With the use of this cleaner, you will just feel up to making your disk space a little bit emptier because this process will be definitely more pleasant than doing everything manually. CleanMyMac removes all useless files that come with the apps that are just gathering dust somewhere on your computer and uninstalls them, maintains quality performance of your system, and gives you an extensive information about your hardware.

CleanMyMac 3 will provide you with such comprehensive maintenance features as Verify and Repair for HDDs, Repair Disk Permissions, Flush DNS cache and maintenance Scripts. All in all, this utility does a great job retrieving gigabytes of storage space and making your Mac run without a hitch for a long period of time.


AppCleaner just works as a lifesaver in the case when your machine is suffering from a large number of junk files that are associated with the apps you don`t make use of. It aims at uninstalling an app and deleting its various support files that are scattered all over your computer. With one single sweep, you can delete any specific application and its related data simultaneously.

Moreover, you can be completely sure that due to the advanced preferences the chances of deleting of your important apps by accident are slim to none. Even if you are not an advanced user, you will find this software rather accessible. It is an absolutely free application that will help you clear out everything at once.


OnyX is one of the top Mac cleaner software which will certainly impress its users with multifunctional abilities. It will optimize and maintain your system comprehensively by removing all files that hinder the performance of your computer. It offers a rich selection of useful tools which can add disk space for things that you really should have on your Mac. Just imagine that thanks to OnyX you will be able to do all the necessary operations such as removing the cache, managing fonts, securing erasing trash, setting up automated scripts for rebuilding, maintenance, and cleaning Mac and removing excessive and redundant folders and files once and for all.

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Due to the good-looking and easy-to-use interface, this utility will be just a pure pleasure. It is definitely a good product considering the fact that it is completely free to download and use it. Furthermore, you don`t even have to register to take advantage of OnyX.


A lot of users consider CCleaner to be a global leader in PC optimization software. Beyond doubt, it is completely true and you make sure of it after learning of its features. It is able to fix your registry issues, clean files from your system and fully customize your client`s settings fantastically well. CCleaner is really effective when it comes to finding unnecessary duplicates, removing program leftovers, managing browsers plugins and creating backup files. Besides, due to CCleaner, you will also have a clean startup disk.

This cleaning utility will allow you to choose which files you want to keep and which ones you want to remove. However, CCleaner still has a shortage of some features. Its price is quite friendly – the best offer is CCleaner Professional for just $24.95. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to test it for 14 days. You can also take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee in case something goes wrong.


Dr.Cleaner will come in handy if manual cleaning of your Mac just gets on your nerves and makes you tired. Its main functions are app uninstalling, system monitoring and disk cleaning. It will exempt your Mac from duplicate files, junk, and big files without taking a lot of space on it. Due to fluid and polished interface, it is quite easy to take advantage of all the features just in no time.

You can download Dr.Cleaner for free in the iTunes App Store and use it to the full. But if you want to manage installed apps and locate duplicate file copies, then the Pro version for $14.99 is worth considering. It runs deeper system maintenance and optimizes RAM and storage.


MacBooster is a program that is designed to maintain macOS system. It comes in a few different versions that can run independently on your Mac. As a newbie in the technical stuff, you will definitely benefit from this utility because it is of an all-in-one nature. MacBooster can help you clean up Mac hard drive reclaiming more disk space for new data and improving system`s performance.

What is more, it removes virus and malware thus providing the real-time protection of your machine. Some users may find the ‘Empty Trash’ warning quite annoying because it will appear every time you drag the unnecessary files to the Trash bin. The prices of MacBooster start with $39.95. But don`t forget about some special discounts you can be offered.


DaisyDisk is the irreplaceable software program in terms of analyzing disk space. The most useful thing is that you can easily visualize your hard drive and choose which files should be immediately deleted. Super-fast scanning speed and exclusive interface are among its most notable capabilities. DaisyDisk previews files and keeps them safe and sound until you delete them for good.

However, a multi-step file deletion process and the absence of the display of key file element can be considered as disadvantages of this cleaning utility. You can download a free trial version to make sure that this program corresponds to your needs. It will cost you just $9.99, but the upgrade to DaisyDisk 4 is completely free for current customers.


The primary function of MacClean is to keep your system clean and safe from malware. But it also does quite well in scanning web browsers for malicious cookies, analyzing your Mac for potential virus threats and removing internet junk data and system cache junk. You should consider the fact that MacClean performs scans in only specifically chosen areas, that`s why the whole cleaning process can take a little more time.

MacClean includes such useful utilities as app uninstaller, a file eraser, a duplicate finder and diagnostic tools that will help you rich high Mac`s performance. When we speak about disadvantages, it`s important to mention that its security scan is very slow and the Security Issue Cleanup requires the additional download. You can get a one-year subscription license for one Mac for $19.99. The 60-day money back guarantee is also offered.