Apple’s Forthcoming Models: Super-Sized Device, Cheaper One and More…

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As of presently, nobody knows for certain what Apple’s upcoming release of new products will be like. Will the company’s next device be some low-coster? Or a bigger model? Speculations intensify as expected terms of new Apple’s releases are approaching. We have gathered for you a good deal of rumors and expert opinions on the topic.

The Current Market Situation

It is in the company’s plans to present three new models later on this year. Probably the announced trio will include a much larger iPhone X (may be called iPhone X Plus). In parallel, a cheaper version is developing. Until now, the high price has seldom restricted the sales of the company’s flagship models. Thus, the iPhone X, with its record scoring of $999, was nevertheless the best seller in first three months of 2018, outperforming, in terms of market sales, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models. True, iPhone X’s initial success has been somewhat faded over time. So a cheaper model would not hurt either.

In turn, the Android realm prepares its responses to the iPhone X. Recently Google has presented a new gesture-based interface positioned as a core of the Android P operating system.

Other market participants like Huawei, LG and OnePlus, all must be preparing similar designs as well. For instance, Huawei has recently announced a toggable notch concept. Current guidelines include Android efforts in the area of camera technologies and in some other spheres. And certainly, Apple itself is not resting on its laurels.

Still a few months from the release of the next iPhone, rumors produce lots of details of every aspect in the upcoming devices. Below we present a series of the current state rumors concerning the features of the next generation models: iPhone XS, Apple iPhone X, iPhone 11 or whatever they will be called in reality.

Extremely Probable Rumor about the Announcement and Release Dates

While we still lack the official release date announcement for Apple’s next phone, the timing is more or less certain. The launch of the first iPhones in June, then a release of the next model in early September (as was the case with the iPhone 5 in 2012). Since 2012, the company has apparently stuck to that time pattern. And, in parallel, the release of the off-cycle iPhone SE. It’s hardly probable that, by some reason, Apple will change this schedule.

Just So Rumors

Prospective names: it may be called the iPhone 11, iPhone X Plus, or even iPhone X2. Apple will probably return to its “S” series naming, so it will be iPhone XS and XS Plus. And the company may completely abandon the numbers naming (more likely in the lower-end segment of its non-X models).

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A long-expected follower to the iPhone SE (maybe iPhone SE X)
The model can appear as a hybrid resulting from the merger between the 4-inch-screen form-factor (as on the iPhone SE) and the TrueDepth camera system (currently on the iPhone X’s).

Apple may revert to LCD in the company’s next iPhone X
There are signs of Apple’s probable return to LCD technology in the company’s next iPhone. As the main reasons, experts mention the excessively high price and limited availability of OLED displays. In particular, the upcoming 6.1-inch iPhone may already carry an MLCD+ display.

A model with 3 rear cameras
One new 2018 iPhone may be equipped with a rear camera with a triple-lens array. It is suggested that such a design will enhance rear zoom capacity and improve the picture in a dim light environment (a similar triple-lens rear camera is on board of Huawei’s new P20 Pro).

A bigger iPhone
According to Bloomberg, Apple has developed two new supersize iPhone models: a 6.5-inch (record size) OLED (positioned as Plus version of the iPhone X), and a 6.1-inch LCD. Based on the report about reduced orders for OLED components, analysts predict a possible drop of the current 5.8-inch size for the iPhone X.

A cheaper iPhone
Apple may ship a single SIM version costing in the range of $550 to $650 along with a dual-SIM model (costing from $650 to $750). And it is almost certain that, in this cheaper model, for the sake of affordability, the company will drop some expensive components like the OLED display, Face ID, or the second rear camera.

An expensive iPhone
UBS investment analysts predicted that the new model of Apple’s flagship iPhone will cost a very considerable $1,100 amount, which is about $100 more than the iPhone X’s starting price ($999). Such a rumor does make sense if the model comes with a larger screen.

iOS 12 to emphasize performance over striking novelties
The next version of Apple’s mobile OS starts to show up its features. The upcoming iOS (presumably the iOS 12) may focus on the code quality instead of big new boons. More details will be probably revealed at the WWDC event scheduled for June 4.