The 10 Mac Games You Need to Play from November 2017

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This is about the time when everywhere gets crowded for pc and console players. It may seem as if Mac does not have much for competition in this sphere but I can assure you there has been a ton of games that have been introduced from the past months.

One of the most noticeable games of the month is Super Marlo-segue platform game A Hat in Time, also with cyberpunk horror adventure Observer and frantic fighter Brawlhalla are just a preview into the loads of nice games you are about to discover. Continue reading and you will find some other fantastic games we have selected for you. Some games are free while others will cost you a very little sum. Be ready for an excitement.

A Hat in Time

Very true that we might never see Nintendo’s brilliant new super Mario Odyssey on Mac but if you a Classic 3D  Platform-action lover then I guess you need to dive into and explore this wonderful game. It unraveled the cartoonish style action games. It’s a space exploring game where you instruct your kid (Hat Girl) with a talent for stitching together magical hats.

You will navigate through five different worlds and be faced with systemic challenges. Stream Users are going crazy over this, giving it astoundingly good reviews. Though, as expected, critics also have one or two things to say.


Freak show lovers certainly met their match with this one. It’s an atmospheric cyberpunk themed horror game. The minds of criminals and their victims are forced into. Don’t be expecting to see rainbows and sunshine in this rough world.

The visual architecture of Observer consists of a great blade runner running through it and even the use of Rutger Hauer as the voice actor behind the neutral detective Dan Lazarki. Reactions we have been getting claims there is little too much style and less content. Well, I must say the style is definitely something.


There are some similarities between Brawlhalla and the Hat in Time. This game is actually built in the mold of Nintendo classic with a proportionate participation you can play on your Mac. In this game, you can clearly see the pattern of Mario-starring super Smash Bros. In this game, you can choose different platforms where you can have enough fun fighting.

The fighters in this game come in a rotating six selection free for each week. The other fighters can only be unlocked by earning gold while playing. Another option is paying a onetime twenty dollar to unlock all fighters for the life. You can play this game online alone, in a group of four and even eight players.

Road Redemption

Do you feel the heat in your body when you watch fast road actions? If your answer is yes then this game is for you. Road redemption lets you feel some action on two wheels. You race a motorcycle on very busy roads while you have access to blunt objects, grenades, and guns to have a rough corner along the way.

You have to be in a comfortable chair playing this game as its crazily fast, frightful fun. There are both online and multiplayer competitions present. Improvements can be made to your rider with the large foot system in the game.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Some fans of the original Battle Chaser might be shocked by the release of this product because the last issue came out sixteen years ago and more surprising is the story isn’t finished. The creator Joe Madureira, a well-known comic writer who later moved to games, has finally brought the hot action back to life.

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Nightwar is a turn-based role-playing game. I must add the drawing style is pretty cool. There are loads of Dungeons to explore with fights alongside. The reviews coming in for this game has been positive so far.

Bomber Crew

Bomber Crew is the talk on every gamer’s mouth. It comes with little lovely cartoonish Pilots and engineers but you do not want to miss out the action. Imagine what the Second World War was like and so many enemy planes over the skies. Bomber Crew challenge is for you to keep a fighter plane up in the skies behind enemy lines.

It’s your responsibility to build and train a strong crew that carries out your missions. The sad side of this game is that each time you get gunned down, your crew is gone for good. So every time you take a flight you get a new experience.

The Jackbox Party Pack

Jackbox is best known for making quality party/trivia games and fortunately for us, they have a bulk of new release. The Jackbox Party Pack 4 is the most recent and with it comes the excitement and fun. There is a new sequel for multiplayer.

Giving you a platform to lead the packs of newcomers, where you can reshape your pals faux online comments. Note it’s a four-game package in one so you will be seeing the likes of Fibbage 3 where you can fool friends with lies and there is the Monster seeking Monster which is more like a dating game. The Civic Doodie is a challenging drawing game that you have to use your phone or tablet for. The five games can be played between 2 -16 players.

High Hell

Devolver Digital has been known for their weirdly cool games. High Hell is a first-person shooter, with equilateral enemies in suits and a quiver soundtrack and different sights as you go on. In this game, you will be dropped into a skyscraper owned by a criminal organization.

Your mission is to destroy everything within sight, from the drug money to bad guys but does not kill the goats. It’s your choice to either be tactical or run in with a gun blazing.


Helicopter simulation games aren’t exactly the most common these days, but Heliborne definitely trying to breach this gap. This game offers up to forty helicopters for you to command. There are different types of helicopters from the 1950’s till modern day options. You will have to battle your way in places like Afghanistan and Vietnam.

There is a single player option and cooperative mode, you can choose to get online and engage in a 16 player competitive battles in multiple modes. You can have control of this game by the gamepad, keyboard, and mouse or even a flight stick. Heliborne is getting a lot of audience on steam so far and, wow, the reviews have been so good.

The Signal from Tolva

This game presents you with a lovely planet which you can explore but be ready to get pastsome robots along the way. The signal from Tolva is a handcrafted planet filled with warring bots on many sides of the battle. These robots can actually be recruited and reprogrammed to meet your own desires.

Here you see a move between calm exploration and wild combat in between a calm sci-fi world. Some reviews we got claim the game can be very tedious, but well where is the fun if it’s too simple…