Three New Macs from Apple that Could Hit the Market This Year

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Apple developers strictly follow ideas and concepts of Steve Jobs concerning the end-to-end cycle of services. To make customer use only Apple products and to avoid their opting for third-party features and devices, Apple offers innovative, up-to-date solutions. According to the latest reports this year promises to be not an exception. It was announced that Apple is working on three new Macs and is close to their launching.

The information is rather insufficient and intriguing. Apple lays cards on the table and does not provide any specifications on features or functionality of the products under the development. Many rumors specify that new Macs will work on the basis of the custom co-processor, but Apple does not confirm this information. Moreover, it is not announced the release of which models is expected. We can only make guesses, whether it will involve a notebook lineup, which is represented by MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro, or maybe a desktop lineup that includes Mac Pro, iMac Pro, and aging Mac mini.

Speaking about the notebooks, it seems that MacBook and MacBook Pro are the first in the line for updates. Since March 2015 these models undertook no significant updates, which means three unproductive years in our intensively developing digital world. MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models were released in 2016 and afterwards embedded with the custom T1 chip for authentication, Touch ID, and Apple Pay security. There are certain assumptions that MacBook Pro can be equipped with a newer chip, which is capable to perform even more offloading of tasks from the main processor.

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According to the rumor, these three expected models will be equipped with the custom co-processor and, perhaps, even T-series chip. Other sources claim that the second half of this year will be marked with the launch of new entry-level 13-inch MacBook. But still, there are too many questions left. Will it be a new model in the Apple notebook lineup or will it replace the MacBook Air?

Actually, there is also a high probability that at least one product of the announced trio will be a desktop. With the purposes of extra security and integration, iMac Pro is already featured with Apple’s custom T2 chip. The co-processor represents an integration of several components, namely, system management controller, SSD controller, audio controller and image signal processor. Due to the T2 chip, storage and boot capabilities are much more secure. There are a lot of reasons to believe that Apple will extend best processor mac to standard iMac within this innovation.

Besides, Apple’s portable computer was not updated over 1,200 days and Mac mini could be selected by its developers for the refresh. Most likely, in addition to the custom co-processor, trio of developed products will operate on the basis of the macOS 10.13, which will guarantee best possible experience for users. Thus, we have a lot of unproven guesses and unverified reports. Everything that is clear is that Apple works over a huge and thought-provoking release of products. So let’s arm ourselves with patience and wait until the expected trio launches.