Something Big Is Going to Happen to Mac

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Many different rumors are surrounding Apple these days. For example, the Marzipan project seems to be under development, and many believe that the world can see it by the end of this year. What this project implement is the merge of iOS and macOS into a single platform for developers. There are not many insights provided into this project, however, it’s clear that they are currently working on it.

It’s great to see something like that happening with the tech giants because an adventurous path is always better than a conservative point of view, which we can’t really blame Apple for, but we do. As long as we know Apple, its take on the design of Macs hasn’t really changed. Everything is neat, simple and charming. And no one probably visualizes Apple coming up with something new and out the box regarding design, as it always follows their classic design route.

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing terrible with Apple’s design or the way the company sees the future, but other companies brought so much more to the world that sometimes it feels like Apple needs a little more support. For example, let’s just take Apple’s oldest competitor Microsoft.

Microsoft vs Apple

Microsoft came out with a new Surface Studio computer that from the first glance closely resembles Mac, but the machine has something more to it than similar design. Microsoft Surface Studio has a 28-inch display that is sensitive to the touch and also has touch-sensitive keyboards. Its screen was designed in the way to make detail-oriented work much more comfortable.

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Graphic artists would love to work using this machine in any app from Adobe suite. The best part is that it also supports stylus and you can fine-tune your works without having to order additional devices. But what the most surprising thing is that the whole display can slide down becoming a tablet.

For this model, Microsoft also sells an accessory called Surface Dial. It connects to the screen of the machine and makes working with professional drawing apps and video & photo editing apps easier.

Something as flexible as Surface Studio (combined with the power and vibrant ecosystem of macOS) can be tempting for many professionals. However, Microsoft Surface Studio is not that popular among people; it’s expensive and doesn’t have enough power to it, but the truth is that we live in a world where everything becomes portable and handy. So we can be 100% sure that Apple can do something similar and even more prominent than touch bar models in its range of laptops.