Are You Ready to Meet MacBook with Haptic Keyboard?

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Having experience of using touch-sensitive keyboards on our phones most people acknowledge that it would be great to use such advantages for the laptops. Actually, such idea exists among developers for rather long time, but it requires a lot of efforts to be implemented. Being pioneers within digital innovations, Apple engineers seriously consider the possibility of designing a MacBook with a touchscreen instead of a keyboard. Apple developers intended to start development of a dual-screen computer for years, but only recently it was reported about granting a patent.

Actually, the company filed the patent for a laptop with two screens in 2015. After long consideration, the idea was approved only recently. According to the provided information, it will be a double-screen laptop. The second screen will be characterized by an extreme customizability and slight flexibility that will enable keys to depress. Laptop represents a compromise, which provides with access to touch controls but excludes touch support from the rest of the operating system.

The distinctive feature of the touchscreen will consist in easily switching between media controls, gaming controls, and a keyboard. It will be possible to customize the size of the touchpad and select among the following layouts: QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, and Dvorak. In comparison to the rather one-handed keyboard of iPod with the static keys, according to the Apple’s patent, haptic keys will flex slightly by pressing. For sure, they will provide less movement than ordinary keys, but still will be more user-friendly.

However, the information in the patent is quite insufficient and suggests various assumptions. Thus, it is unclear whether a touch-sensitive keyboard will perform only a function of the keyboard or could also serve as a regular display. There is no specification that a user will have an opportunity to view his or her email next to the keyboard.

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Apparently, there are a lot of questions left for consideration. It is hard to say whether the user will opt for easy configuration options or would prefer regular keys. Moreover, it is hard to say if Apple engineers will proceed from drawings to real development. Company monthly files hundreds of patents, but numerous of these simply never become products.

Maybe, within several years we will be able to execute different operations, such as type documents, check e-mail or maybe download macOS 10.13.3 using the touch-sensitive keyboards. But still, there are all chances these ideas to stay not implemented. T