MacBook 2018: What We Expect from It

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The 12-inch MacBook released in summer 2017 supposed to have everything that was expected of it. And everything that had been still missing in MacBooks since the product’s reintroduction in 2015. At least, the part of the expectations did come true. Thus, a more tactile

The 10 Mac Games You Need to Play from November 2017

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This is about the time when everywhere gets crowded for pc and console players. It may seem as if Mac does not have much for competition in this sphere but I can assure you there has been a ton of games that have been introduced

USB-C Ports for Your MacBook

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Apple surprised the community of Mac users with their new ultra-slim model. The newest incredible design was a sensation in 2015. However, there were some negative sides, including a keyboard, price and one port. With the releasing of the next model, developers made some changes,

How to Use Right-Click on Your MacBook

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Years ago, Apple decided that one-button mouse is a good device and many users would use it without any problems. However, that innovation caused some questions. Especially, how to use a right-click. Most users aware of the main functions, but there are some, who recently

How to Choose the Best Processor for Your Mac

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I believe you must have been faced the issue when it came to picking out a device. The major problem is what will be the best device to use that will produce the best results. One fact, however, most people do not know what processor,

Ransomware Strikes Your Mac

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Any virus attack is very unpleasant. That is why many people start to panic, instead of doing something useful. A ransomware attack can make a serious damage to your system. First, it shuts down your Mac and after a reboot you get a lock screen.

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