New Mac Pro 2019: Where Are You?

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After last year, revealing of completely re-designed next version of Mac Pro, some Mac fans spread a word about a one-button mouse and new release that will take place in 2018. However, we have sad news for you: it is not going to happen at least until 2019. In a few interviews, Apple representatives confirmed that new Mac Pro is going to be released next year and we all know that Apple does not often comment on the upcoming updates. So what should we expect?

Great Expectations

Apple’s director Tom Boger said that the company wants to be extremely honest with its customers. So Apple wants us to know that the new device will be launched in 2019 and is not something for this year release. In his interview, Boger mentioned that the company understands how many customers today are hesitating between iMac Pro and upcoming Mac Pro 2019: to wait or not to wait and buy the first one.

So if you have been putting off the purchase of iMac hoping to get Mac Pro, do not doubt and make a purchase. The company was teasing us with new info about the update but its shape has not been shown. Apple is now collaborating with professionals to make the perfect modular design which actually makes some sense. The company is not creating a big powerful machine but using another approach that is to consider what users really need. In order to make that happen, the best creators in different fields have been hired.

Last Words

John Ternus says that the company has been focusing mostly on music production, visual effects, 3D animation and video editing. So now, they are building out workflows with great content and seeking for the bottlenecks. How can things be improved? They take information where they find it and go to architecture team which finds out the bottleneck: iOS, AR apps, drivers or silicon. After that, they run it to ground until it’s completely fixed.

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