Mac Pro 2019: Apple’s New Design is Coming Soon

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The long-awaited update from Apple is coming soon: the company confirmed that new Mac Pro will be released in 2019. In 2017 we found out that the company would be re-thinking the Mac Pro completely and now we are sure that the device will be released next year (do you remember speculation about the release in 2018?).

Apple’s senior director Tom Boger says that the company wants to be transparent and openly communicate with Mac Pro community. The reason is that the release of Mac Pro 2019 impacts the rest of the product line which is pre-focused. Check disk space and if you are not happy, then you are one of us waiting for new Pro.

How Long to Wait

Apple surely understands that new iMac will be interesting for those customers who want to get Mac Pro 2019 so as for the timelines, the company states that they know how hard the choice is. Boger says that a lot of users today are hesitating whether to get iMac or wait for new Mac Pro and Apple wants to be sure that we understand where the products are in the pipeline.

There are still many things we do not know about this device. First of all, we do not know the shape it will take and the design of the device. Apple wants to enable a modular setup so you can easily access the main components such as graphics and memory. Boger adds that like it was said last year, the company was working on a modular system and looking at workflows of the customers that is obviously a real need and should be implemented.

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New Pro Team

Apple created a special new Pro Team which is working on coordinating company’s efforts of software and hardware teams to make sure that the final product meets all the needs of modern customers. So we see that the company needs it to run well on Mac Pro 2019 and the new team helps to do that. The workflow team has such tasks as directly interfacing with communities of Apple users and owners of Mac Pro to check the use of hardware and software.

We have also heard that new Mac Pro could be one of the first Apple products with an ARM-based processor. It is going to happen in 2020 so new Mac Pro will not probably have that component (however, there is still a chance it may happen). We are also sorry to say that we will not probably hear anything else about new Mac Pro until later this year and we are not sure there will be many details. So before that, you can learn how to clean Mac and other useful things.