Demand for MacBooks will Blow Up in 2018

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Starting with the introduction of Apple’s iPhone first generation in 2007 the products of the company firmly increase the number of sales from year to year. Counting in millions Apple’s gadgets hit the market and are purchased worldwide. Unlike the iPhone X, selling the iPhone 7, iPhones 6s and iPhone 6 models accounted for more than a half of the Apple’s total revenue in the last few years.

However, marketing forecast made by the KGI Securities expert astonishes with its assumptions. Ming-Chi Kuo considers that this year the iPhone leadership in sales will overcome by shipping of MacBooks. It is hard to believe that this laptop will manage to outrun high sales rates of iPhone, but analyst predicts its growth by double digits.

In the report issued by Ming-Chi Kuo a few weeks ago, the analyst is sure that users will opt for MacBook more often than in previous year and the shipments will increase from 13 to 16 percent in 2018. Such tendencies of buyer’s choice can be considered in different ways. Firstly, Apple is a trustworthy brand and people tend to select those companies, whom they trust. Being astonished by the ransomware strikes and taking care of sensitive information, people are more likely to choose a reliable functionality. Here numerous security features, offered by Mac, become a great advantage.

The analyst is also optimistic about the iOS tablet sales. He expects that iPad sales will grow 7-10 percent. In regard to iPhone, shipments expert does not have a lot of hopes for its growth. He predicts only 4-6 percent increase.

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According to the words of the Ming-Chi Kuo, we should expect sales blow up in the second part of the year. It is explained with the coming launch of new products, one of which is often mentioned to be MacBook Air. The KGI Securities analyst has not said anything certain but referred the subjects concerning the MacBook Air as if it is really coming. However, he specified about the price of the expected laptop, which will range from $799 to $899, and it is down from the current price of the MacBook Air, which ranges from $999.

It is hard to say whether the forecast of Ming-Chi Kuo has a solid background and will prove its value. Anyhow, it is obvious that this year Apple will excite the world with the upcoming release of new products and for sure have all chances to prove its leading positions on the market.