2018 Gaming Controllers: Do You Know What Your Mac Wants?

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Of course, playing games on your ARKit Mac is not something comparable to games on PC but there are still some good things out there which Apple users can take advantage of. Sometimes you will be fine with using mouse and keyboard but for many people using a controller is easier and is a great way to relax and enjoy the game.

Sounds good for you? Then you should totally consider a good game controller for your Mac. Here are the things you should get: steam controller, Xbox One Controller, Sony DualShock 4 and, of course, SteelSeries Nimbus. Let’s look at each of them more precisely.

If you choose Xbox One controller

It is not easy to play the Xbox on your Mac: you cannot just plug it in and start. However, there is not much effort to set it up and when it is running, you will receive one of top Mac game controller experiences on any kind of platform. This type of controller is not really expensive ($45 for a standard black controller) and has a great offset design that many people adore and consider comfortable (compared to Sony). It is perfect in size, has big triggers and bumpers and is not heavy at all.

Choosing Steam Controller

This one is usually associated with games on PC but we have a good alternative with compatible games for your Mac. If you receive most of your games from it, then the official version will be the one that fits you best. With official support for Macs, it is kind of unusual if compare it to other types of controllers.

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It has been specifically designed to play games with mouse and keyboard easily using a controller. Over time, you cannot get anything else. The price is around $50 with frequent discounts, so you always have a chance to get a good deal.

Sony DualShock 4

Some people are fond of Sony’s DualShock because it has completely different design and is proficient in Mac gaming. Once again, you do not just plug it and play. However, the process is quite simple and playing is comfortable. Sony has great bumpers and triggers but is smaller than, for instance, Xbox. It is good for long playing because it is light and it also has an official adapter which lets you use it on your Mac wirelessly. The price for this one is around $50 – buy and enjoy.

If you choose SteelSeries Nimbus

Are you an Apple TV lover? Then this type of game controller is the choice you should make. It has official support of MFi and you will have no issues with that. Perfectly designed, the controller has awesome grip and hand balance and it is wireless (move left to right with no problem). It can boast of 40 hours of playing before recharging with a lightning cable. But even if it is not about Apple TV, the price is $45 and great functions will be a good choice for your pleasure.