How to Use Wi-Fi on the Apple Watch

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How cool is it to know you can own a watch that can basically do just about anything, even having the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi, get access to the Internet, and keep you connected on the go. Well, the Apple Watch is the product being talked about, with an inbuilt Wi-Fi antenna. This antenna allows it to connect to the Wi-Fi directly or sometimes through your iPhone. With the ability to connect directly to the Wi-Fi, you do not need to worry about your mobile data being chopped off as a result of browsing via your watch. Below you will understand in what situations and how to enable this direct connection.

However, there are some differences regarding how these devices connect to the Wi-Fi. The Apple Watch lacks the auto join screen. On your phone, before you join any connection a list of available networks will be displayed to you and you make a pick and afterward, you may be required to input a password to gain access. This feature is totally absent on the watch. So, there is nowhere to see the list of networks and also type in the password if necessary. Cut to the chase, your Apple Watch does not have the ability to connect directly to a network. It can only connect through your iPhone by Wi-Fi sharing. So the only source by which the watch can get access to the Internet is by passing through the connection on the phone.

This is how it all plays out if your phone and watch are paired and you visit a place with a Wi-Fi connection and you decide to gain access. When you key in the password of the network and get connected to your iPhone, your phone automatically syncs with your Apple watch thereby giving it access to the network too.

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The interesting thing here is if you ever re-visit that same location just with your watch, you can still gain access to the Internet because your watch will be able to gain access as it already did before. So if for some reasons you are without your phone you can still have access to the internet and do whatever you interested in.  You can access your messages; check the maps and so on. All that is required for any particular location is a onetime sync between your phone and your watch. Every other time you can just use your watch on every network it has been connected to without any hindrances.

Low points of the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch lacks certain features so it falls short in certain areas when talking about Wi-Fi connectivity. Let’s see some of the areas where some improvements can be made to the Apple Watch in the future.

  • You can’t connect to a new or fresh network except you already have your phone present and get the connection to it.
  • Both your watch and phone need to be paired at the point of connecting to the network.
  • The Apple watch is limited in the amount of bandwidth it can use: i.e. 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz networks but not 5GHz.
  • Any public network with interstitial captive is off limits to the watch. With cellular data available in the absence of any other, your watch can fall back to using the LTE service.

 Am I connected?

How can you know if you are connected? People do not enjoy seeing the mobile data get consumed. When you have a connection there will be a symbol on your watch face to confirm.