One-Button Mouse for a MacBook

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Years ago, Apple decided that one-button mouse is a good device and many users would use it without any problems. However, that innovation caused some questions. Especially, how to use a right-click. Most users aware of the main functions, but there are some, who recently switched to Macs and do not know all key combos.

Let us not forget about the important factor that many Mac laptops have newly designed trackpads without clear indication of left or right button clicks. The latest Apple products, for example, 12in MacBook or 13in MacBook Pro increased the functionality of trackpad, which made the situation with right-click still very unclear. To find out how to right-click on a Mac, read our article.

Press Control to right-click

The first option to use a right-click is to press the CTRL (or Control) key when you use your mouse or trackpad. The position of this key on Macs is different from PCs. Instead of pressing ALT key, make sure you found the CTRL. The next image may help you.

Two fingers – one trackpad

In order to use right-click on multi-touch trackpad, just two fingers is enough to click. That may not work for the first time. Then you go to System Preferences. Click on the cog or Apple icon on your screen. In the preferences menu choose “Click or tap with two fingers”. You are also can set up many additional gestures.

Tap the corner of the trackpad

Some people may find the previous way inconvenient. Instead, you are able to choose another option for right-click. Click on the trackpad’s corner to use a right-click. In order to change this, go to System Preferences and switch to “Click in bottom left/right corner”.

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New Force Touch trackpad

New models of MacBook, such as 13in MacBook Pro has a taptic feedback feature, which may confuse users with various ways of clicks. The similar function of a right-click can be achieved by using the newest deeper click to open a menu. For now, Force Touch needs some improvements in order to be used in many applications. You can set up Force Touch right-click in the same way mentioned above.

Right-click with an Apple mouse

Apple Magic Mouse has no buttons, so many people ask, how can they use a right-click. The answer is very simple. This mouse has many gestures and it depends on the type of your click action. Right-clicking is very easy with an Apple Mouse, so just click on the right of the mouse. If it does not work, you have to fix it through Preferences again. You can also use traditional mouse devices with two buttons to work with your MacBook.

Do I need a right-click on a Mac?

By using a right-click on your Macbook, you are able to use additional or extra menus that aren’t launched by single clicks. If you work with word documents, right-click allows you to see options, like cut, paste, or change the font.

Some applications may have special features or extra menus, and that is why you need to use a right-click in order to see all options.