How to Use the iPhone’s One-Handed Keyboard in iOS 11

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Apple presents a one-handed keyboard in iOS 11 that will definitely change your lifestyle. If you have an iPhone with a large screen, or you have small fingers and wish you could type with one hand, this feature of iOS 11 will be the best solution for you. With only your thumb, you will respond to messages or flip through the tape, while the other hand will be free, so you could pour yourself some coffee, guide the dog on a leash, leaf through the magazine, and so on. Is it cool enough?

The new one-handed keyboard in iOS 11 makes it easy to type with only one hand, left or right. Ready to switch to the one-handed keyboard or your iPhone or iPhone Plus now? Let’s get through a small but useful instruction down there.

Keyboard Reachability is What You Get with iOS Latest Update

A one-handed keyboard enables you to reach the entire keyboard on your smartphone, namely those distant buttons and emoji as well. The helpful Reachability feature lets users put the on-screen keyboard horizontally and move it left or right. This is much beneficial for people with small fingers and having trouble reaching all keys on their devices. On iOS 11, an iPhone’s owner will find it easy to text and respond with only a thumb.

It as simple as black and white to turn on the one-handed keyboard on your iPhone. We’ll provide you with a few steps to do that, just keep reading.

Check out These Ways to Switch to the One-handed Keyboard

There are several possible ways for you to switch on the one-handed keyboard on your iPhone. We begin with the simplest method to turn on this smart keyboard. Go to the Settings app, find Settings> General> Keyboard. Next, tap One-handed Keyboard. Also, choose the side of the screen depending on what hand you’re using (see the screen below).

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The long way to switch on the one-handed keyboard.
The long way to switch on the one-handed keyboard.

After you do this, the keyboard will put all keys on the left or right side of the screen. When you use the one-handed keyboard again, it will be shifted automatically to the chosen side.

So, we’ve figured out the first method, now let’s move on to a simpler way to switch on a one-handed keyboard.

The second way is as follows. On the open keyboard on the screen, find the small globe icon. This is the same icon that we use to choose the emoji keyboard or switch to the available keyboards, for example, keyboards with other languages. Now, click and hold this small globe icon. A selection popover will appear, in which you select the necessary keyboard: left, right or center.

The quickest way to choose one-handed keyboard on a smartphone. Select left, right or center option.
The quickest way to choose one-handed keyboard on a smartphone. Select left, right or center option.

In case you can’t find a keyboard-switching globe icon but need to switch to a keyboard, here’s some information for you. Well, if you don’t have that globe icon on your iPhone, this means that only one keyboard is active – your standard keyboard. To enable the globe icon, you should be using more than one keyboards, for instance, add an all-favorite emoji keyboard. Go to Settings> General> Keyboard. Tap Keyboard at the top of the screen, then tap Add New keyboard and pick the one you like.

An alternative option for typing when you can’t use your keyboard is Siri. Talk to Siri and it shall type anything you say accurately and without any mistakes. It’s a nice and smart tool for those people whose hands are busy with working, driving a car, cooking, washing the dishes, etc. To start using Siri, tap the microphone icon next to the spacebar. Say what you want to write, and Siri will type it for you. But before that, do not forget to adjust the dictation, for this go to Settings> General> Keyboard and turn it on.