New MacBook Model and Its Ports

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Apple surprised the community of Mac users with their new ultra-slim model. The newest incredible design was a sensation in 2015. However, there were some negative sides, including a keyboard, price and one port. With the releasing of the next model, developers made some changes, but there was still one port. That created an idea to give many Mac users useful tips for making your connectivity wider and add USB-C to your favorite laptops.

How to use a solo-port laptop?

Some people still have doubts about buying the newest Apple device. It may sound difficult to use only one port for the whole time. In this case, your activities with a MacBook can be limited.

Apple’s MacBook with Thunderbolt 3 port can be very useful. You are able to use many features through this flexible connection. Those users that work with additional attached devices at the same time may find this model useless.

There is a good alternative for such users, and this one offers you to buy 13in MacBook Pro for $1,499. By purchasing this laptop, you will have two ports and only half the storage, but overall there are more features.

If you are ready to spend more money on your future machine, it is worth considering the 13in MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. The overall price is $1,799. The best part that you get is two additional ports and upgrades.

In order to satisfy your low level of demands and to save your budget – MacBook is a great device to use for daily activities.

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How to add ports with an adapter or cable

With a cable or adapter, you will be able to plug traditional USB devices, using the mentioned USB-C on your MacBook. Since many old versions of USB connectors can’t fit into the newest USB-C/Thunderbolt 3, you can still connect your devices through an adapter. You also can buy a cable and replace the original. These helpful tools can be bought in the Apple Store or simply online. Among available products, you can choose USB-C to Lightning cable, USB-C to USB adapter or USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter.

By using these helpful tools, you will be able to attach your favorite devices anytime.


After Apple presented their newest models of Macbook, many device developers around the world decided to release additional hubs or adapters, in order to give users more options. The whole process is simple. You just need to connect a hub into your Macbook and then use any devices you want by plugging them into traditional built-in ports.

The technology of USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 is compatible with a laptop and you can increase the number of external devices to a maximum. That makes your MacBook even better.