The Ultimate Guide on Backing up Your iOS Devices

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There is nothing wrong with taking care of your data in advance and work out a plan of back up. You can be the most accurate and attentive person in the whole world but it does not secure you from unexpected software or hardware failures. The most common mistake of most users consists in saving loads of data on their device without performing any security actions. Only when their disk space is taken and they face some operation issues, they start thinking about the backup plan. We believe that you are a thoughtful user, who used to take care of his\her data and this guide is for you.

How to Back up Your Mac

Actually, Apple developers have already taken care of your backup capabilities and worked out a lot of approaches for this. It is convenient to secure your data by means of the Time Machine. This software is built-in and does not require any additional downloading or purchases. Time Machine operation consists in making the snapshot of your data and structuring these copies in the catalogs. If you want to enable this software, do the following:

  • Find System Preferences in the Apple menu.
  • Search for the icon identified as Time Machine.
  • Specify what disk should be backed up.
  • Set up an automated backup.

Another option is to use cloud services or cloning services. All these options are effective and very useful. You should decide which of them suits you and proceed with reserve copying of your data.

How to Back up Your iPhone and iPad

Many users just consider it unnecessary to back up their iPhone and iPad relying on the iCloud. However, iCloud does not provide a one hundred percent guaranty of your data safety.  Use the options of customizable backup to be sure that the important information will not disappear. To store your backup data locally on your device instead of cloud storage, use iTunes. First of all, connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer. After this do the following:

  1. Open iTunes
  2. In the appeared window find the device icon and open it.
  3. Choose Summary, then This Computer
  4. Further, you need to decide whether you want to perform back up of your encrypted data. Backup of sensitive data is sometimes very helpful, but pay attention that it must be encrypted with the password. To use this option select Encrypt [device] backup.
  5. To accomplish this operation click Done.
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As you see there are a lot of backup options available for all your devices. Due to specially designed software, there are no actions required from you, except the software configuration. The backup plan is a matter of real importance for each user since you cannot be sure that your device will not astonish you with a failure, which is not fixed when you restart your computer. Do not postpone and work out your backup strategy right now!

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