How to Turn Off Your iPhone without the Power Button

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Most times we come across features on our phones and just scroll past them. Perhaps you may think oh! What a waste of space. Certainly, you are not alone or the first to think this way. This is usually the case because; you truly have no idea or understand what these features are, their functions, and how they can help our digital experience.  It’s very true that some features may not be so cool on a first glance but technical side iPhone X have blown everyone’s mind away with their latest features. Some of these features are very useful when you know what they can truly do for you. One of these features is the ability to power down your device (iPhone) without using the power button.

iOS 11 provides you the choice of powering off your iPhone just using the software. This obviously isn’t a feature you will need to use often as most users prefer to just go directly to the power button and shut their phones off. But there are cases when this particular feature will definitely come in handy. For example, if there is a malfunction with the sleep/wake (power) button or maybe you drop your phone and some complications arose. In these cases, you certainly will be glad you have this software to call upon. Some other cases may involve individuals with problems when it comes to squeezing. Also will be a great feature for people who readily use the accessibility features.

Let’s dive right to see what kind of feature we are talking about and how you can recognize and enlist its help when needed on your device.

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Power your phone off without using the power button.

  1. Go to your Settings
  2. Scroll down and tap Shut Down.
  3. Power off by swiping the slider from left to right.

Siri does not have the ability to power down iPhone in iOS 11 for now, usually many other functions can easily be done calling on Siri. We are hoping, in the future, you can simply instruct Siri and it will go ahead to help you power down your phone.

If you just prefer to put your device to sleep and your sleep/wake button isn’t working well, you can get it done by using the Assistive Touch.

To use the Assistive Touch go over to your Settings>>General>>Accessibility>> Assistive Touch. When you turn this on then you can always use it anytime you want.

Anytime you see the floating Home Button appear on your screen tap on it and tap Device >> Lock Screen.