Guide on Sharing Your Home Wi-Fi Without a Password in iOS 11

Published On: , by MacSoftAdmin

Oh! And just when we thought the iOS 10 was magical with the recent appearance it brought along, the iOS 11 surprised us with something even more fascinating. Now it’s so easy to allow a third party on your Wi-Fi because of the new feature – password-free Wi-Fi sharing. I guess you are as excited as I am because you can’t imagine how hectic it can be sometimes when you need to just have some fun or work time on the Internet.

Most people have to go turn over pages of books or notes just to find out where they pen down their password and others will go robbing on the floor just to try getting the password label from the rare of their router. Now, there’s no more hassle as all you need to do is hold your appliance close to whomever you want to share your network with and grant them access. The only thing you and whoever need is switching on the Bluetooth on both phones and both devices which use iOS 11. Ask whomever you want to give access to open up their Wi-Fi connection in settings on their phone, Setting>Wi-Fi.

The person needs to find your network name after which they need to click on your network name and wait for the password box to be displayed, wait for the password box to open up and when this happens all you have to do is move your phone close to theirs.

Just as receiving a media on Bluetooth a box will appear on your device screen querying to know if you are ready to share your Wi-Fi password. Now the next thing to do is just to click yes or allow and hurray!!! Your guest or friend is connected to the network.

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However, there is a security issue that most users have complained about as a third user can pass along your Wi-Fi without your permission. You can avoid this by using the Guest network. This way your friends and people not staying with you can only have access to the guest network. Your stuff is safe on a different network operated by you alone.

Apple has a similar super easy automatic set up. Almost the same procedure as described above, all that is required is holding both phones close to each other and the set up is complete after you tap the OK button.

I really do find exciting this new feature mostly because of the ease with which it works with the guest account. Just as mentioned above you can keep a private network for yourself without worrying about any security breach and also if you are a renter and you use Airbnb, a very convenient way to hook up. One last thing, the same process is repeated if you intend to share your internet connection using your iPhone’s Wi-Fi hotspot.