Read and Learn: How to Clean Up Mac Hard Drive

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The following guide will be the answer to the most annoying question: how to clear Mac hard drive and make your laptop perform better.

Imagine the situation: you woke up early in the morning to finish your work, and after you launched your MacBook Pro, the next window has popped up: ‘Your disk is almost full’. This message may disappoint all users, especially if you do not know how to solve the issue. You start surfing through the Internet pages to find a proper solution. That is why we are trying to help you by providing this small but useful guide. We will show you the main problems and the ways to fix and avoid them eventually.

For starters, let us describe two main methods of the cleaning process. The first method is the manual one. It is hardly advisable for newbies though, as they may face some additional issues, deciding that they can clean out hard drive by themselves. Moreover, you can remove some important files or updates for your system, and it will be an additional waste of your time. Keeping in mind all these possible threats, we can suggest you a second method: how to clean your Mac hard drive by using a trusted software. Nowadays, there are many apps designed to help you clean up hard drives and memory. Many of those are free, but it is hard to find a good one, especially with a stable operating management. One of such apps that seems reliable enough is MacFly Pro. Just in few clicks, you can remove all files out of your system and increase the overall performance of your Mac or iMac.

Now, let’s talk about the ways that will help you clean your Mac manually.

Emptying the Trash Bin

The Trash Bin may be the reason for the full disk space. That is why you need to empty your Trash if there are some files inside. Some people may have large files on their Mac, including gigabytes of leftovers from the media files that they deleted long time ago. To get rid of them follow the next actions: Open your Trash Bin > Right-Click on it > Select ‘Empty Trash. That is only the first step to make space on hard drive Mac.

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Clean up Desktop and ‘Downloads’ Folder

The next important step is to make sure your Desktop and ‘Downloads’ folder does not contain the unnecessary files. If you know what files you want to remove, you can simply drag and drop these files to the Trash and remove them by hitting Command+Delete.

Uninstall Rarely Used Applications

You may have some apps on your system that you no longer need or use. Most of them can be a reason for having no free space, so deleting apps is the right step to do. Many applications may occupy a lot of space and clutter your hard drive with some unnecessary folders. It is not hard to remove them, you just have to drag and drop them into the Trash, and empty it.

Delete or Move Large Media Files

If you are a fan of downloading large media files, including some famous TV series or movies, then you need to read this attentively. As soon as you no longer need them on your computer, there is no reason to keep them inside your system. Moreover, it only makes it worse for your hard drive; as a result, you see how slow your Mac’s performance is. You may move all these files to the external drive if you want to rewatch something in the nearest future, or you just delete them as we described above.

How Can a Disk Drive Cleaner Help Your Mac

There are many good apps designed to help you fixing the issues regarding the shortage of disk drive space. The best part of using such apps is that this cleaning process will not consume your time. Furthermore, if you’ve tried all the steps mentioned above, updated your system or install Mac OS 10.13.3 and nothing worked out for you, then some cleaning software may be a real helper-outer for you. You can rely on apps like MacFly Pro or others to keep your hard drive clean.