Ransomware Strikes Your Mac

Published On: , by MacSoftAdmin

Any virus attack is very unpleasant. That is why many people start to panic, instead of doing something useful. A ransomware attack can make a serious damage to your system. First, it shuts down your Mac and after a reboot you get a lock screen. In order to unlock your screen, this ransom want you to provide a six-digit code. Even the two-factor authentication cannot prevent from being attacked.

This kind of ransomware is very dangerous, since it collects all your data, including your main passwords. “Find My Mac” feature may be enabled, but it does not stop this dangerous thing to log into your iCloud. After this process, the mentioned six-digit code appears.

The most popular way, any ransomware can offer you, is to make a payment in order to get this code and unlock your system. To avoid this situation, consider next steps:

  • Go to the Apple Store, where professionals will help you to unlock your Mac, if you can provide proof of purchase.
  • It is recommended to change your password for iCloud, before you go to a Store.
  • A two-factor authentication must be enabled. In this case, it can prevent to leak more of your data.

iOS system must be protected with a password to further complete the unlock process with its Lost Mode. If you do not have any password, it is easier to crack your Mac device for any ransomware.

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