Making Your Old Mac Pro Firmware Up-To-Date

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One cannot miss an opportunity to use the latest features and functional benefits for his or her Mac. If your Mac performs slowly or you just feel that your old model needs some improvements, it is time to think about the upgrade. The system noticeably works quicker and better when the firmware is up-to-date. However, it is not an option to rush with changes and accept first available upgrade capability. Monitor the question and analyze your situation at first.

Is Your Model Eligible for the Upgrade?

The first and the most important question is to sort out the things concerning your Mac Pro model. Pay attention that upgrade is aimed at making the 2009 models up-to-date. There are some users, who managed to perform upgrading operations with the 2007 and 2009 versions. However, this is risky, since the upgrade was designed and tested for the 2009 Mac Pro and we do not recommend it for other models.

Checking Revision of Your Firmware

You may ask whether all these troubles with the upgrade are worth it. Actually, we have no doubt that after such operation over your hardware your work will be much easier and pleasant. Firstly, you reduce system slow-down and, secondly, you obtain many new features. As a matter of fact, with the upgrade, your 2009 model becomes the 2010 Mac Pro.

When the question with the model is clear there appears another aspect. Thus, you need to check whether your firmware does not have the latest possible revision. To find out this information one must generate System report via the About this Mac menu.

This report provides a detailed specification on the hardware of your Mac. Your task is to check a record with the Model Identifier label. The “MacPro 4,1” entry specifies that updating of your model is applicable and “MacPro5,1” entry means that upgrade cannot be performed.

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Performing the Upgrade Operation

Before upgrading make sure that there are no peripherals plugged into your Mac. Even simple USB device can cause some serious issues and fail the whole process. One also needs to make sure that his or her Mac contains the original Apple hardware; otherwise, the above-mentioned operation is impossible. If everything is all right, proceed with the following actions:

  1. Find the file on the Netkas Forums and download it.
  2. Further, get the Mac Pro EFI Firmware Update, which is available at the support site of Apple.
  3. Locate the MacProEFIUUpdate.dmg on your desktop.
  4. Open the file by means of double-clicking.
  5. Perform the same operation with the MacPro2009-2010FirmwareTool.
  6. Carefully learn the instructions and select Upgrade.
  7. Specify your password, if required and read the appeared instructions.
  8. Select OK.

After this, you need to select Shut Down operation. Then it is required to hold the power button and do not release it until hearing a long tone or seeing that power indicator flashes. Now just leave your Mac for some time and do not perform any actions with it. When the upgrade is done, there will appear the login window.

To check whether the upgrade was successful, one should opt for the System Report once again. If you see there “MacPro5,1”, everything is done.

Now you can enjoy advanced features and use the more up-to-date software. We have no doubt that you will be delighted!