Making Your Device Ignore Bad Wi-Fi

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Using Wi-Fi sometimes may cause troubles and sharing Wi-Fi could multiply them by the number of shared subscribers. Many Wi-Fi issues are characteristic for new models, and such issues are usually fixed over time with various kinds of patches. In accordance with this regularity, an older but still valid iPhone or iPad (unlike iPhone 8 or another model) should be a reliable unit for Wi-Fi use.

However, most Wi-Fi issues equally affect iPhones and iPads regardless their age. Many such problems are related to the use of spotty or week Wi-Fi. There is a frustrating news in this context: on a weak or simply poor Wi-Fi, your device may suffer more than you might expect. Not only will it be a bad data transfer, but also a notable damage in terms of battery life. But luckily we have a fix for the disaster. Its name is Wi-Fi Assist and it’s perfect.

Wi-Fi Assist: capable to smoothen your bumpy Wi-Fi connections

How to Enable Wi-Fi Assist on Your iPhone or iPad?

To switch on the Wi-Fi Assist, go to Settings (familiar section, isn’t it?), and tap Cellular. Then scroll down to the bottom past the long apps list, and you will find the toggle of Wi-Fi Assist. Switch it on to make your iPhone switch automatically to cellular data “when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor”.

The Wi-Fi Assist section is equipped with a data counter, which informs you how much of the cellular allowance it has used. You may want to set a calendar alert to check back in one week, to see how much is being used. And in case of excessive volume, you should probably try to fix the issue using troubleshooting procedures with your Wi-Fi networks.

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