Your Mac Needs Help: How to Clean Your Mac

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Your Mac cannot work properly if you don’t pay enough attention. That is why you shouldn’t ignore messages regarding “full disk space” or “full memory”. Some users may be inexperienced and they need to learn a lot about cleaning their Macs. For this purpose, a team of high professionals created the MacFly Pro application. The main task of this app is to make your Mac condition better and clean all junk files inside its system. Three main features are working together and everything you need to do is simple clicking. The software will scan your system and find unnecessary files to delete them later.

How clean up mac tips

Many people do not clean their favorite Macbooks and then, they face real problems, like how clean up mac. If you own a MacBook for a very long period, you have to check how many files can be deleted to free up space. You are also able to check which app consumes the most of resources. The small instruction is following: go to “System Preferences” > “Users and Groups” > User. Choose “Login items” to see how many apps are opened during startup.

Select apps in order to prevent them from opening automatically and click the “Minus” sign. Another good way to clean up your Mac is to clear “Cache” folder. Always this folder contains many data and it makes your laptop work very slow. Go to “Finder”, click “Go”. Hold down the <option> key to launch “Library” icon.

Inside this “Library” you have to delete files from “Cache” only. Other files or data must not be deleted.

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Using MacFly Pro

Your machine may still be working very slowly, even after you cleared a “Cache” folder. The reason behind this may be malware. In order to find them, run the application and select “Run Scan” to complete the action. After it detected some dangerous files, you are able to delete them completely. MacFly Pro can keep your device safe and it will automatically scan your system to check if there are any new threats available. The application is very simple to use, you just click and enjoy the results. Three main features of MacFly Pro designed to scan and delete all unnecessary or old files, find duplicate or increase the performance of your MacBook in few steps.

Reset the SMC

The System Management Controller is an important thing for any Mac. If your Mac’s performance is slow, there is an option to reset the SMC. It does not remove data or files from the laptop; instead, it resets few settings to speed up Mac. How to reset the SMC on iMacs:

  • Power off your device
  • Unplug the power cord (approximately wait for 15 seconds)
  • Plug it back and turn the device on

For MacBook users the guide is following:

  • Start by turning off the laptop
  • Hold next four keys <Shift>, <Control>, <Option> and power button for 7 seconds
  • After this short period of time power the device on

You can use these all steps of how clean up mac and make it work properly. However, with the mentioned above application, every action can be achieved just in few minutes or clicks.