Handy Guide to Safely Cancel a Subscription on iOS

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Sometimes, it’s curious how two similar (and opposite) procedures may differ in complexity. A striking example is subscribing and unsubscribing to services in Apple’s iOS. If you wish to subscribe to a service, it’s just nothing. Pop up menu, Face ID or Touch ID activation and a pleasant sound signals you that mission is complete. That is, you have bought the desired service.

Now try to unsubscribe and you will have to struggle in the depth of the Settings wandering along unfamiliar menus that you never knew existed. In fact, the explanation is not such a big puzzle: service providers are always eager to impose their stuff on you and much less so to stop sucking your money. But that does not make your task easier when you actually wish to unsubscribe without shifting to an alternative service or learning about exclusive bonuses. Just simply unsubscribe.

The issues of unsubscribing an iOS service should be solved in a clever way. Obviously, for this purpose, you can not use any manual cleaning procedure. Just follow the right instructions. No matter what service you try to unsubscribe – Match.com, Mixer or HBO Now, there is a single procedure for any of them (at least in the iOS 11.3). Below is what you need to do to cancel a service on your device.

1. Opening your Settings.
That is elementary.

2. Activating your Apple ID.
Trivial as well. You simply tap on your ID in the Settings app and the ID is active.

3. Going to iTunes & App Store.
Here you have to tap on iTunes & App Store. To my knowledge, it is here that many users start having problems.

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4. Making your Apple ID appear on the screen.
For that purpose, you have to tap on Apple ID again and then on your email address on the top.

5. In the View Apple ID menu.
Now you need to tap on View Apple ID, then you are requested to enter your Face ID, Touch ID, or a password (depending on the device you are using). At this stage, you access the Account Settings.

6. Canceling a subscription in Account Settings.
In the Account Settings, you scroll down and tap Subscriptions. In the list of subscriptions, you need to select the service that you actually wish to cancel. Now scroll down again and tap the red button Cancel Subscription at the bottom. A window pops up welcoming you to confirm your decision to cancel the service. At this point, you should tap Confirm, thus effectively canceling the subscription. However, you still can use your account in the canceled service – until the end of the period for which you have paid.

But, if you incidentally changed your mind at this very moment, you can re-establish your canceled subscription as follows:

7. Re-subscribing a service
In order to re-subscribe, you need to repeat the above steps (from 1 to 6). You will find yourself again in the Subscriptions panel, where you can find Expired subscriptions (located under your Active subscriptions). At this point, you have to choose the subscription that you wish to resume. After that, you need to select one of the available subscription plans.