Create a Stack with Your Often Visited Locations

Published On: , by NewAdMacSoft

Have you faced the situation that you waste your time on searching the files or sites addresses, which are urgently important for you? It often happens that we save something in order not to forget, but in fact, often fail in remembering it. There are a lot of possibilities to reduce your time for such search and have all required items at your fingerprints.

All users know and actively use the method of dragging of often-used items to the right of the Dock. It is convenient that you do not need to search for them each time. Besides you know for sure that saving all those items on your desktop is not safe. Adding folders or files, which are most often used by you, to the stack, provide an opportunity to clean up the desktop and have our favorites at hand.

However, we want to share a less-known method of adding items to the stack, which is also very convenient and handy. This method presupposes usage of the Terminal app, which represents a powerful tool; therefore, it should be treated carefully. Read attentively and do not rush with commands in order to perform required actions properly.

1. Navigate to Applications/Utilities.

2. Search the Terminal application and launch it.

3. Copy the selected command line (defaults write persistent-others -array-add ‘{“tile-data” = {“list-type” = 1;}; “tile-type” = “recents-tile”;}’; killall Dock) into the Terminal and press the Enter button.

4. To make an additional stack with recent items, perform the command once again (press the up arrow and then the Enter key).

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5. Customize the content of your stack by right-clicking on the stack. In such a way you can select what items the stack will contain: beloved locations, recent documents or recent applications, etc.

Within the certain period, some of the items in the stack can become unnecessary or irrelevant for you. For this case, you need to know how to edit your stack and change the number of elements in it. Navigate to the System Preferences menu and choose the required number of recent items from the drop-down menu on the preference pane called General.

If you do not need the item to be on the panel anymore, it can be easily deleted. Just click it with the right mouse button and opt for the Remove from Dock feature. Also, you can just drag the item to your desktop and remove it. Adding elements to the dock facilitates your work, no matter what you deal with the Mac Office, different apps or graphical editors. Use simple tips for your work with Mac and make it even more pleasant and efficient.