How to Clean macOS: Speeding Up Your Mac

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Everyone faces the problem of system slow-downs, sooner or later. It may be caused by lack of space on the hard disk (which is often the most obvious reason) or other problems connected with the technical side of the device. We will try to help you solve the first problem as you can do it yourself. So, there are two main ways of how to clean Mac OS X Yosemite: manually and automatically.

If you want to go the easiest way, then choose one of the popular programs such as MacFly Pro which can quickly and efficiently clean your Mac OS. The app works 24/7 and removes unnecessary files that pile up and slow down the work of your MacBook. However, if you want to do everything on your own, check out the following info on how to clean Mac OS X.

Cleaning up your Mac

In this paragraph we offer you three points you should check first of all:

  • restarting of your Mac
  • operation system upgrades
  • apps

Try to restart your computer. And now stop laughing and restart your computer. Please! We know that this way is too easy and even children would do that, but you will be surprised how many people forget to do it when they face a problem of how to clean my Mac OS X. And this simple action could have solved many of their problems actually. So do not be sarcastic and try to restart your iMac before checking other things that may cause slow-downs of the system.

Next, look for upgrades for your OS. Our info and plan assume that you have installed the latest Mac OS Sierra. If you have not, then we highly recommend upgrading. Otherwise, our tutorial will just make no sense because your operating system will be not that efficient and secure. The upgrade is free and is usually done automatically, but it will be good to double check. You can upgrade manually clicking Apple Menu > About This Mac > Overview > Software Update.

If going manual, then it will be also useful to remove unnecessary apps which may greatly impact the speed of your system processes. To view the list of apps, click on Finder, then Applications. Compared to Windows, macOS does not have a function of removing the associated files, so you should check the app folder to make sure core files are deleted.

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Keep going with manual cleaning

So once these three methods are checked, we could go to more serious recommendations. Let’s start with the clearing of the hard drive. It is an essential part when it comes to cleaning Mac OS X because it can help the overall maintenance. There are no particular rules here: just search for files that you do not need and delete them. Start from large files and especially duplicates: agree, many of us are sometimes too lazy to check if we already have this file in other folders or not.

Macs have the built-in option of identifying such files. Click Apple Menu > About This Mac > Storage > Manage > Recommendations and check what the system recommends you get rid of. You may ask what you should do with all these files if they are important to you: first, keep them in iCloud if you have a good understanding of how it works. If not, then you would better keep your photos, favorite movies, music albums and other meaningful things elsewhere: at least, it will be safer for you. Offloading will help you speed up your Mac and free some space. Keep in mind that all the files you deleted are still in the Trash. Do not forget to empty it pressing Delete Immediately button.

Clean up automatically

If all this cleaning stuff is too hard for you or you are just too busy to keep an eye on Mac updates and temporary files, we recommend you using one of the popular apps for Mac OS cleaning. MacFly Pro keeps an eye on it 24/7 removing login items and cache, app files and searching for duplicates. It reduces the usage of your memory by apps and safely uninstalls them – it is easy and quick, so definitely worth trying.

Why not finish your efforts by cleaning up the outside? You will feel much better organizing thing around your Mac and clean the external parts of the device of dust and trash (agree, you like this thing because it looks gorgeous). Make sure that when cleaning you unplugged it and stay away from all openings. We are sure you will do everything to speed up the work of your Mac!