How to Adjust Your iPhone’s Ringer with the Volume Buttons

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In every sphere of life, there are certain people who hold strong to traditional believes and lifestyle, always very difficult for them to adjust to the new or modern way of doing things. It’s not different in the digital world. There are many iPhone users who usually use the volume buttons to adjust the volume of the ringer. For music lovers, the volume happens to be very important as sometimes they like to listen to the loud stunning soundtrack, while other users will prefer quiet or calmer sounds.

But now there is a change, iOS altered the default settings of those buttons. The new fact is they can control your iPhones volume irrespective of your location. Ringer control has now been forced into a corner and can only be accessed through the Settings. Most people, however, do not usually have any issues using their buttons as this has been the traditional way; and all users are quite comfortable just tapping on the volume button and regulating the volume to the position of choice. However, if you do not find the new iOS 11 default settings interesting and you want to continue with the old setup, then there is no need to panic or worry. It’s actually very simple to set your volume buttons as the controller for your ringer volume. Let’s see how this can be done below.

How to set your volume buttons to control your iPhone’s ringer

By default, the iPhone’s volume buttons have control over the system volume. There is a way of adjusting or twitching the settings to allow the volume buttons control the ringer volume as long as your device is not playing any audio at the time.

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  1. Go to the settings on your device (iPhone or iPad)
  2. Tap Sounds & Haptics
  3. There is a switch next to the Change with Buttons. Turn that switch to the on position.

After this is done, your device will update to the new settings and you can now be able to change the volume of the ringer using the volume buttons. Also, know that they will also control the system volume when you are playing any type of audio, maybe music or audio from a video. I am sure, having your old settings back will keep you at ease and make it more comfortable for you to adjust your volume any time you want without any hindrance.