With the assault of technology, the newer and newer gadgets or software, which appear on the market every single day, can make users really confused. Lots of people just can’t get all those new things work well as they should. And, that’s when we step into the game. No matter how tough your question is, you are likely to find the answer in one of our blogs. Just feel free to surf through this page to find something really relevant and helpful. Here, we will teach you how to deal with the newest Apple products and solve various types of problems with hands down.

Fixing Autocorrect Deviations on Your iOS

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The iOS (especially the iOS 11.3 update) is clever and smart, but sometimes its analytical capabilities turn out to be annoying. Suppose you are tapping some business of yours along on your iPhone, and all of a sudden, one of the words is replaced by

Get Rid of Malware on Your Mac

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Our everyday activities can cause appearing of different malware on our Macs. You can mistakenly install it instead of any other program due to the fraud actions of the third parties. Following the results of the ransomware strike, it is clear that there are all reasons

Handy Guide to Safely Cancel a Subscription on iOS

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Sometimes, it’s curious how two similar (and opposite) procedures may differ in complexity. A striking example is subscribing and unsubscribing to services in Apple’s iOS. If you wish to subscribe to a service, it’s just nothing. Pop up menu, Face ID or Touch ID activation

The Ultimate Guide on Backing up Your iOS Devices

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There is nothing wrong with taking care of your data in advance and work out a plan of back up. You can be the most accurate and attentive person in the whole world but it does not secure you from unexpected software or hardware failures.

Making Your Old Mac Pro Firmware Up-To-Date

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One cannot miss an opportunity to use the latest features and functional benefits for his or her Mac. If your Mac performs slowly or you just feel that your old model needs some improvements, it is time to think about the upgrade. The system noticeably works quicker and

Create a Stack with Your Often Visited Locations

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Have you faced the situation that you waste your time on searching the files or sites addresses, which are urgently important for you? It often happens that we save something in order not to forget, but in fact, often fail in remembering it. There are

Making Your Device Ignore Bad Wi-Fi

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Using Wi-Fi sometimes may cause troubles and sharing Wi-Fi could multiply them by the number of shared subscribers. Many Wi-Fi issues are characteristic for new models, and such issues are usually fixed over time with various kinds of patches. In accordance with this regularity, an

How to Clear Storage on Mac: Quick Guide for MacBook Users

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Although Macs are loved for their high self-maintenance, they also require regular cleaning sessions to keep a good system operation and prevent different junk files from slowing down the whole system (not mentioning gigabytes of spare space you could use for your needs). Such junk

Controlling App or Website with Your Mac’s Media Keys

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Have you ever hit your MacBook’s play/pause key to pause a YouTube video, just to get an iTunes launch instead? Then you are probably interested in a technique to enable the media keys on your device to control the site or app you actually wish

Read and Learn: How to Clean Up Mac Hard Drive

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The following guide will be the answer to the most annoying question: how to clear Mac hard drive and make your laptop perform better. Imagine the situation: you woke up early in the morning to finish your work, and after you launched your MacBook Pro,

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