MacBook 2018: What We Expect from It

The 12-inch MacBook released in summer 2017 supposed to have everything that was expected of it. And everything that had been still missing in MacBooks since the product’s reintroduction in 2015. At least, the part of the expectations did come true...

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Office for Mac Shares a Codebase with Windows

Recently, Microsoft has introduced new innovation concerning Office for Mac. This innovation considered to be an incredible update, which provides the long-awaited collaboration features and automatic cloud saving. It should be mentioned that the Mac...

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iPhone X vs iPhone 8: Which One to Buy This Year?

Many of us were waiting for the release of the iPhone 7S from Apple, but this year, the company decided to outdo itself and released the iPhone 8. This became an innovation for the fans, but not the main surprise from the well-known corporation. Most...

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